The Business Opportunity Is Big. So Is Your Vision.

You want to start, operate, or invest in a new cannabis cultivation and/or extraction business. Or, you intend to expand or diversify your established cannabis growing or cannabinoid processing operation. You have the vision but may not know how to make it happen on time and within budget. We can help.

Introducing Prospiant

We are your controlled environment agriculture (CEA) partner for cannabis cultivators and the extraction technology innovator for cannabinoid manufacturers of all sizes. We offer you more technology, hold the most cannabis-related patents, and lead the industry in the innovation of extraction equipment and systems.

By partnering with Prospiant, you will:

  • Work directly with specialists who’ll share their knowledge to help you stay ahead of new processes and the latest equipment as well as business, marketplace and regulatory trends
  • Always be in the know about important industry changes
  • Create what we call the complete cannabis ecosystem
  • Leverage our deep experience from soil-to-oil
  • Access the expert insights your business needs to capture growth opportunities and discover the confidence and support to succeed now and in the future
  • Learn how to get started fast with the right technology — and without cost overruns

You See the Opportunity

The legal cannabis industry is growing faster than almost any other business in the United States.

You’re ready to grab your share of the market now — and you intend to stick around for years to come. But how will you answer the questions keeping you up at night:

  • Can you build a cultivation and/or extraction business that capitalizes on the immediate boom while also positioning yourself to lead your organization and the cannabis industry into what comes next?
  • What do you need to accomplish to achieve your production and financial goals with your partners and attract and retain skilled employees?
  • Where will you find the right investors? How will you get approval of governmental officials and regulators?
  • How do you ensure the high quality and safety that will win the loyalty of consumers of cannabis and cannabinoids for both medicinal and recreational uses?

The Faster You Grow, the Faster You’ll Grow

It's simple: you have to get planning or growing right now.

  • Competitors—novices and experienced operators alike—are rushing in.
  • You want to be among the first to launch your new venture or scale your existing operations to capture and hold market share.

Regardless of the size of your cannabis business or the expertise of your team, you can grow faster to reach your ambitions with a partner who thoroughly understands market history, current conditions, and where the cannabis business is heading.

You don’t have time to worry about how much your partner really knows. The booming cannabis industry is attracting equipment and systems vendors who are relatively new to indoor cannabis growing and botanical processing.

Can you really depend on them to contribute to making your project successful and enhancing your professional reputation?

So Where Do You Start?

With the people at Prospiant.

We’ve succeeded at every aspect of cannabis growing and processing—design, installation, optimization, maintenance, scaling and innovation—over and over again.

We’re ready to share what we’ve learned with you.

Can't say enough good things about the quality, design & engineering Nexus provided on our 40,000 sq ft facility. The customer service on the back end from commissioning our building based on all the technology & equipment while in the middle of global pandemic, Paul and Nexus exceeded all expectations.

Craig Bouman Founder / COO of Alchemy Work

We appreciate the entire Gibraltar extended family supporting our Apeks and Delta systems. Josh Dillman has again performed as if he were a full-time member of our team. We value this partnership so very much. You have an amazing team...

Jim Parco, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Manufacturing at Schwazze Co-Founder, Purplebee's

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