Pre-Engineered* Solutions

What Is It?

At Prospiant, we believe in making the cannabis greenhouse setup process less daunting and time-consuming. With our pre-engineered* solutions, we took the best of our popular, tried and tested models, and came up with a streamlined design and construction process. This significantly accelerates and simplifies your cultivation project—without compromising on quality.

Why Opt for Pre-Engineered* Solutions?

Faster Setup

You’ll be looking at more favorable lead times, as our pre-engineered* solutions significantly reduces time spent on consultation, design, and execution when compared to customized greenhouses. So much so, it is primed to shave three months or more off your project timeline.

Removes Complexity

The cannabis greenhouse construction process is complex. With our pre-engineered* solutions, setting up your grow facility is now simpler and hassle-free, with a streamlined set of greenhouse options to choose from and a team of experts at Prospiant working closely with you to see your cultivation project through completion.

Proven Greenhouse Designs

Our pre-engineered* solutions comprises three options—Sealed Venlo, Hybrid Vail, and Indoor Grow—to cater to a wide array of cultivation needs and strategies. Having completed over 200 cannabis projects in the past, rest assured, they are drawn from only the best of our popular, tried and tested models to help you maximize yield.

Meet State Regulations

State requirements sometimes dictate that plants need to be in the ground and growing within a certain timeframe, which is usually very tight. With our pre-engineered* solutions, you can achieve the deadline, without taking shortcuts.

Choose From 3 of Our Best-In-Class Models

Sealed Venlo

The Sealed Venlo has the capacity to be controlled and operated as if it was an indoor grow but helps cultivators save on operating expenses as it utilizes natural sunlight.

Hybrid Vail

In low humidity climates, the Hybrid Vail offers cultivators an additional option to produce high-quality flower at attractive operating cost levels, allowing you to stay competitive for years to come.

Indoor Grow

The Indoor Grow allows for 100% controllability and precision—it supplies heating, cooling, and dehumidification mechanically, which significantly reduces the chance of outside air entering the facility—enabling customers to increase yield and plant genetics more easily.

Wondering which pre-engineered* greenhouse model is right for you?

Compare all three greenhouse models in our quick-read guide.

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