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It is undeniable that the United States cannabis industry is rapidly growing. In fact, by 2025, legal cannabis sales are expected to reach $30 million. To capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity, you need to move quickly and efficiently. Prospiant is an end-to-end agtech solutions vendor that provides commercial greenhouse, indoor grow facilities, and integrated growing solutions. Prospiant also provides commercial greenhouse supplies, including benching systems, irrigation, cooling systems, heating, lighting, and environmental controls. Here is what you need to know to design your end-to-end cannabis cultivation ecosystem.

Benching System

There are numerous advantages of setting up a benching system inside your greenhouse:

  • Benches are easily moved and can maximize your growing area.
  • Improve ventilation and environmental controls around the plants.
  • Plants are at a more convenient height to work comfortably.
  • Manage growth more effectively.
  • Reduce disease incidence.

The benching style and material you choose will depend on the scale of your business. These benches are robust and durable and can support heavy-potted crops. These benches also come stationary or with rolling bench tops, which can help save space for other greenhouse accessories.


Irrigation is a vital component of any crop production scheme, and it differs depending on the crops being grown. Cannabis may become susceptible to several diseases when its foliage is wet. Therefore, overhead sprinklers are not recommended. Drip irrigation, drip irrigation with distribution rings, or spray stake irrigation are most suitable.

In tandem with your irrigation setup, you will need a filtration system with the right growing supplies. Drip irrigation systems are essential for delivering micronutrients and organic fertilizers to the plants. Filtration systems help prevent microparticles from clogging the small emitter device.

Cooling System

Keeping your greenhouse cool is important to creating an environment where your cannabis plants can thrive. You can keep your greenhouses cool through ventilation, shade cloth, or mechanical systems. Natural ventilation through openings in the roof or the side of the greenhouse allows for affordable cooling. Depending on your location, this may not be sufficient during the hotter months. When more effective cooling is required, a mechanical fan and pad system or positive pressure cooling system can be installed.


To protect tender plants from winter weather, extend your growing season, and achieve optimal growth rates, you need to be able to heat your greenhouse. There are two main heating methods:

  • Overhead gas-fired heaters are a traditional greenhouse heating method. These heaters blow hot air into the greenhouse. Horizontal airflow (HAF) fans circulate the air throughout the greenhouse. These heaters are relatively affordable, easy to install, long-lasting, and are efficient.
  •  The second greenhouse heating system is the use of hot water radiant heat. Pipes conducting hot water are installed under the benches or embedded in the greenhouse floor. The benefit of this system is the proximity of the heat to the plants. Humidity near the plants is lower, which in turn lowers disease risk. The capital outlay for this type of system is higher, but operational costs are lower.


The benefit of growing cannabis in a commercial greenhouse instead of indoor garden centers is that you can use natural sunlight. However, to promote crop growth and optimize yield, you must guarantee consistent light levels throughout the day and year. To this end, supplemental lighting in the form of grow lights is necessary. Grow lights typically used in greenhouses include high-pressure sodium (orange and red spectrum light) and ceramic metal halide lamps (blue light).

Environmental Controls

All the above factors help create an ideal growing environment for your cannabis plants. Environmental controls are essential to monitor and adjust heating, cooling, and ventilation systems so that an optimal environment is maintained throughout the growing season. Environmental control systems range from simple thermostats to modern computer controls. With the right growing and shopping resources, you can create a sound environment conducive to healthy cannabis growth.

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