Commercial Vertical Indoor Cannabis Growing Systems

The cannabis industry is booming. With 37 US states regulating cannabis products for medical use and 19 states offering fully legal recreational cannabis, cUtilizing commercial indoor growing systems that are vertical is a trend that continues to become more and more popular as the cannabis industry booms. Using vertical grow racks is sometimes called vertical farming, and it might be the most affordable and beneficial cultivation option for cannabis business owners.

A vertical farming method allows you to make the most of your space and grow more plants in smaller areas. While vertical farming is not an entirely new method of growing, many growers in the cannabis industry have taken notes from this method and achieved excellent results. 

Whether you’ve set up shop in a small space or a large warehouse, you can improve your cannabis cultivation with the help of vertical farming.

The Benefits Of Vertical Indoor Cannabis Growing Systems

Some of the many different ways that vertical cannabis growing systems can benefit your cultivation operation include:

You Can Eliminate Wasted Space

Commercial growers that rent or lease their workspace know how much of an expense it can be. And because space, especially spaces that can be used for indoor cannabis growing, is at an all-time premium, utilizing what you have to the fullest is extremely important. 

Vertical racks allow commercial growers to optimize their space vertically and horizontally. These racks can create more square footage for plants to grow. With racks, you also have the option to create a growing plan where the plants that need greater amounts of light can be placed higher up, closer to the lighting system.  

Vertical cannabis growing systems reduce the wasted space created with stationary racks. Thanks to the mobile design of vertical farming racks, if you need to move plants easily, you can.

Another critical advantage is that vertical grow racks can be customized. When you customize your racks, you control how many shelves are added, how high the shelves are, etc. This customization can also come in handy as some regulations in different areas require cannabis growers to have a certain amount of space accessible to personnel. 

Improved Cannabis Yields

Unlike a common outdoor space where your yield is limited to the amount of land you have access to, with vertical farming, you can expand upwards as well. This additional growing space means that you can cultivate more plants in a smaller area.

Suppose you currently cultivate cannabis outdoors on a plot of land that is 10,000 square feet. You then decide to move your business indoors to a warehouse with roughly half of the square footage. Without vertical growing systems, you’re looking at a yield of about half of what it used to be. But with vertical shelving racks allowing you to expand upwards, you could actually produce more leafy greens than originally while needing only half of the space. 

As long as demand is consistent, an increase in yields is an increase in profits. These increased profits could quickly cover the cost spent on vertical racks. And from that point, additional profit gains are all yours.  

Save Money On Climate Control Expenses

One expense of a typical cannabis operation that you may not realize vertical shelving systems can reduce is climate control. Climate control is an expensive aspect of indoor cannabis cultivation. Organic soil and drip irrigation are only pieces of the puzzle when it comes to indoor growing. As indoor cannabis growing requires specific humidity, lighting, and temperature conditions, the cost of maintaining these conditions can be quite large.

People outside of the cannabis growing business may not realize the expenses regarding industrial ventilation systems, air conditioning, heating, exhaust, CO2 burners, and more can quickly add up. The price tags associated with these types of climate control machinery typically increase with the size of the space they are needed for. With the help of vertical cannabis growing systems that decrease the space you need to grow your plants, you can save on this machinery and often use smaller and less-complex equipment. 

Creating A Safer Workplace

Vertical shelving racks allow for safer workspace conditions to be achievable. While you can absolutely meet OSHA standards without vertical cannabis growing systems, these racks allow for high levels of safety assurance. 

Most vertical cannabis growing systems are designed with anti-tip features that prevent accidents and injuries. These shelving systems are also designed to support not only the weight of the plants but also employees. 

When your business can operate without accidents and injuries, worker retention will likely increase, and you can expect to see stable and consistent productivity within your business.

How We At Prospiant Can Help

Whatever your vertical indoor cannabis growing system needs to thrive, we have the experience to help you make it possible. We can create a commercial cultivation process that can increase your yield and decrease your expenses.

Reach out to our team today to learn more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis grows its best when exposed to light for more than 12 hours a day. If your cannabis plants do not get enough sunlight, you may find yourself in a situation where they begin budding before you would like.

Anyone with experience in the commercial cultivation industry can tell you there is no one correct answer to this question. Both greenhouses and indoor spaces have unique benefits and drawbacks. But both of these environments can allow for an excellent yield with the help of equipment that can foster ideal growing conditions.

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