What does Prospiant do?

We are a leading company in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology. We partner with educators, researchers, retail garden centers, wholesale growers, and more to build agriculture greenhouses that will meet your needs. 

Greenhouses from Prospiant can be used for: 

  • Lead wholesale and retail growing operations
  • Prospiant can grant you access to expert insights to maximize production, distribution, and return on investment 
  • Give universities, schools, or research centers a place to provide educational opportunities 
  • Grow the Way You Want to Grow with a Prospiant greenhouse that can advance students or researchers understanding of plants’ genetics or cultivation   
  • A historic conservatory or public gardens 
  • Preserve and improve community treasures. Contact us for any restoration, maintenance, or design needs 
  • Cultivate cannabis in legalized states
  • Prospiant can produce high-tech greenhouses with environmental controls for optimal plant growth

We’re a company that will understand your needs, provide technical support, and as a partner we’ll supervise the life cycle of your greenhouse project. 

Greenhouse for Agricultural Use!

Greenhouses are a great way to get involved in the agriculture industry. If you have been looking for a way to go into sustainable agriculture, a greenhouse from Prospiant is exactly what you need. Whether you are yielding crop production or growing various plants, using a greenhouse can be a more sustainable option. They’re a more efficient way of growing produce on a relatively small amount of land without compromising soil quality. Additives such as lighting, irrigation, and other environmental controls can allow produce to grow faster, providing growers with the ability to simulate the growing season year-round. 

Similar to private equity firms, we’re here to provide to customers at any stage of their project, from end to end. We can help with:


Design and Consultations Services: Advisory and support services including architectural design, engineering, design and planning, budgeting, and permitting


Greenhouse Structures: Complete design, engineering, supply and construction services, including general contracting, site preparation, main external structures, benches and tables, racks and trays, roof glazing, ventilation, light abatement
Growing Equipment:
Critical equipment and systems enabling growing environments, including dehumidification, heating, irrigation and fertigation, shades and curtains, electricals and wiring, grow gutters, drain water recirculation


Controls and Zoning Systems: Software and hardware systems used to monitor and control growing environments, including greenhouse automation and controls, air ventilation and circulation, climate and environment, security and monitoring, hardware and software


Operations and Maintenance: Products, services and equipment used in ongoing growing operations, including aftermarket parts, consumables, maintenance, restoration, emergency repair

Eliminate your short-term concern about a greenhouse being worth it by researching the benefits of greenhouses in agriculture.

Benefits of Greenhouses in Agriculture

As technology improves, over the years a new way of farming and growing crops has emerged.

High-tech greenhouses can sustain weather patterns and have the ability to grow crops year round in climates that cannot do so on farmland. With Prospiant’s greenhouses, you can have environmental controls. You’re able to control the temperature, CO2, lighting, and humidity to the levels that are needed for the crops to thrive. Lighting can help crops grow faster and during the off-season. Pest management can be better controlled in your high-tech greenhouse than if you were farming in an open-air field. Commercial greenhouse unit heaters can be installed (hydroponic heat) to provide the required air circulation, which helps control hot and cold spots. Fan or pad cooling equipment can be installed for pulling in air from outdoors and if more cooling is needed, an evaporative wet pad can be installed. These components can be beneficial in commercial greenhouse farming for an optimal crop production.

Another benefit of a greenhouse is the sustainability factor. Greenhouses are sustainable in part because you can use a relatively small amount of land to grow a large number of crops with more control of your growing season. In addition, in a controlled environment, water and heat can be recycled. If you’re in a small town a greenhouse may be beneficial due to less land being available. It also allows a better opportunity to grow year-round.

There is a greater demand for locally grown produce, which does not incur the large carbon footprint of produce flown across the country. In addition, greenhouses can contribute to sustainable agriculture by:

  1. Water recycling: using a solution to recirculate the water being used for multiple greenhouses 
  2. CO2 recapture: using the controls and zoning systems that Prospiant offers for installation 
  3. Natural pollination: using bumblebees to pollinate instead of chemicals and pesticides 

Dealing with chemicals and pesticides on crops and plants in greenhouses can be a dangerous activity. That’s why there is an Agricultural Worker Protection Standard that aims to reduce pesticide poisonings and injuries among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. The Agricultural Worker Protection Standard offers workers more control and protection.


The purpose of a greenhouse is that it can be used year-round throughout the off-season of your crop. This can allow you to have fresh produce year-round and allow you continuous profit if you are selling.

To start a greenhouse farm you need to research any permits you may need, determine the size of your greenhouse by square foot, what crops you want to grow, and make sure you are adhering to state policies about greenhouse farming. From there Prospiant can build you the agricultural greenhouse of your dreams. These structures can be very helpful for crop production as well as a great investment.

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