Apeks The Duplex®

High Output CO2 Series

The Duplex® can process 126-180 pounds of dried cannabis or hemp biomass per day. The system is optimized for subcritical extraction, which means low pressure/low temperature extractions. Processing subcritically means you preserve terpenes and don’t need much post-processing. The Duplex® can also process supercritically (high pressure/high temperature), so you get the best of both worlds with this system!

The Duplex® system is a subcritical high production system that has changed the way the industry talks about extraction efficiency. The system is more efficient than liquid-pumping systems and is built to be future-proof. Preserve those valuable terpenes and extract your oil in a fraction of the time, saving time and money. The system can also process supercritically, so you get the best of both worlds with the Duplex®.

Ideal for mid to high-volume production operations or These highly versatile systems provide a wide range of processing options and large-scale production capabilities.

Apeks The Duplex


  • Flow rate of 6.1kg per minute.
  • Process 126-180 pounds per day.
  • Continuous batch operation means no down time between runs.
  • Closed loop system recovers 95% of the CO2.
  • Four separators and two separator cups support continuous batch.
  • The system only uses 39.8hp, including the chillers.

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