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Pueblo, CO


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Purplebee’s is setting the bar higher with Prospiant.

Jim Parco, Ph.D., has been a Prospiant customer for many years. He has five Apeks systems at his processing business, Purplebee’s (, in Pueblo, CO, with more systems on order! Jim and his wife Pam have a dispensary right next door, called Mesa Organics ( and the company has grown from just the two of them to 22 employees.

Mesa Organics and Purplebee’s are situated right next to one of the largest cannabis grows in the world, Los Suenos. Los Suenos Farms approached Mesa Organics to build a partnership to become a supply-chain for the largest brands in the cannabis industry producing high-volume THC oils, terpenes and distillate under the brand Purplebee’s.

Purplebee’s is growing with Prospiant. Since 2016, Mesa Organics / Purplebee’s has continued to grow and scale into three retail dispensaries in southeast Colorado (to be fully operational by January 2020) and an 8,100 square foot processing facility in Pueblo County.

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Without Prospiant’s partnership from day one, we’d never be here.

Jim Parco / Owner of Purplebee’s and Mesa Organics

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