Prospiant is here to help you cultivate your cannabis in an eco-friendly way with our variety of greenhouses.

Transforming the Cannabis Cultivation Space with a New, Eco-friendly Greenhouse

We have the experience and expertise of a new way to cultivate cannabis and we’re here to help businesses reach their full potential with this process. 

Our hybrid greenhouses, having energy efficiency coupled with cannabis growers being able to implement sustainable practices, could help take your company from a regular business to one of the top selling flower brands. With us as your partner we can create custom solutions for cannabis cultivators to launch, diversify, expand, diversify and make the business that they imagine.


This hybrid Dutch-style greenhouse has high ceilings with shallow peaks and diffuse glass roofing. The peaks in the facility’s covering makes it energy efficient while the interior is the perfect location to mount equipment like shade curtains, light deprivation, airflow fans, and more.


Hybrid-Vail’s have more of a traditional A-frame greenhouse structure. This style of greenhouse is the most popular for cannabis cultivation facilities. It’s also the easiest to construct due to its pre-welded trusses. Because of its wide span trusses and 6/12 roof pitch, gutter heights can be decreased without affecting the height. 

With the diffuse glass roofing, cannabis growers can maximize their use of one of the most important natural elements, the sun. In using the lighting from the sun to its maximum potential, the greenhouse may not require supplemental lighting that could contribute to a lot of energy consumption and affect your business’s carbon footprint. 

Indoor cannabis cultivation facilities have been found to use more electricity than greenhouses. Cannabis consumers are becoming more concerned with how and where their cannabis products are made. They are wanting to know if the process is environmentally friendly and how much it involves carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Hybrid greenhouses from Prospiant can provide consumers with eco-friendly cannabis. 

Our cannabis growing expertise can help push you to success. We can be there every step of the way if you are just entering the cannabis industry, or if you’re looking to expand. Get your sustainable and cost-effective greenhouse for cultivating cannabis from Prospiant.

Preventing Contamination

Having a greenhouse that is sealed, like our Hybrid-Venlo or Hybrid-Vail can help you prevent contamination of your cannabis production. When a part of the structure is exposed, mold can grow and collect in these areas. The mold can then spread to your plants, when cannabis plants have mold they cannot be sold and will need to be destroyed. This creates a loss of product for growers which means a loss of sales.  

Sealed ceilings and side walls will help prevent any contaminants from coming in but there should also be a sanitation process that is conducted between crop rotations. 

How does the system work?

There are systems that you can install into your greenhouse(s) to make growing cannabis sustainable. An environmental controller can be installed to relay information about your cannabis space. Sensors are mounted around your greenhouse that detect and relay measurements like temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. Then the environmental controller can alter the systems that control these levels to set them to the desired level for optimal growth.  

Shading curtains can be set to an automation system and timer to only be in use when its necessary during certain stages of growth.

Heating and cooling systems: overhead fans or an HVAC system can also be monitored to only be in use when needed and make sure that the air flow is reaching all of your plants. Controlling these  systems automatically will help reduce any negative environmental impact by not having unnecessary usage.   

With our greenhouses you also have the opportunity to use less water and fewer fertilizers and pesticides for more eco-friendly cannabis cultivation.

A Step-up from Traditional Greenhouse Farming

One of the best qualities of a greenhouse is that you can produce more yield and better quality crops. Greenhouses give you the ability to control the environment that your plants are growing in. You can control the temperature, humidity, irrigation and more to create the complete cannabis ecosystem for cannabis plants to reach their potential. 

These hybrid greenhouse systems will not limit the aspects that growing outdoors would. When you create a controlled environment growers can make their cannabis plants higher quality and have access to these large facilities that are able to produce large yields that they’ve never been able to produce before. These structures can support roof mounted operation systems, they are strong and not limited. 
The cultivation process can also be sped up with environmental control systems compared to other greenhouse farming, meaning growers can sell more cannabis faster.


The type of greenhouse cover that is preferred in cannabis production will depend on the kind of greenhouse you want and how much cannabis you'll be producing. Some of Prospiant’s greenhouses have diffuse glass roofs, multi-wall panels, single-wall polycarbonate, and more options.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse can be more environmentally friendly than growing indoors or traditional outdoor cultivation. Any harmful pesticides or other treatment used on the plants will be contained to the greenhouse and not contaminate the outside air which would usually affect air quality.

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