Special HVAC Needs in the Cannabis Cultivation Industry

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Lean on Prospiant to provide you with specialized HVAC needs when you’re entering the cannabis cultivation industry. Prospiant has years of experience in the legal cannabis industry, we can give your grow room the best HVAC system around.

Specialized Cannabis HVAC Systems

At Prospiant, we’re here to partner with you or your team to design and build you the best cannabis cultivation facility that will meet all of your needs. This will include the design and installation of a specialized HVAC system that will provide your cannabis plants with the best climate controlled environment.

Having a specialized HVAC system that performs well can make or break your cannabis cultivation business.

Sealed greenhouses should have chillers and mechanical cooling designed by Prospiant’s engineering* team installed. There are multiple factors that our cannabis cultivation HVAC systems can help growers control, these include:

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity are very important to your cannabis growing. The levels will be dependent on the specific crop and what stage they are at in their growth. Humidity from the outdoors can cause mold and mildew inside your sealed greenhouse. This is why it’s crucial to have control over your specialized HVAC equipment.

Energy Consumption

HVAC equipment and lighting that greenhouses and grow rooms can be exceedingly intensive in energy consumption. Prospiant’s specialized HVAC is energy efficient.

Odor Management

Managing odor that may come from your greenhouse is important because there are municipal laws that you may have to comply with. Control systems from Prospiant can mitigate odor from inside your cultivation facility to prevent complaints and hefty fines if the odor persists.

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Often Fall Short

Some of the biggest expenses you’ll face when building a cultivation facility are heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Quality sometimes comes at a higher price, and your initial investment in a specialized HVAC may be more than traditional HVAC systems. Buying a cheaper, more traditional HVAC system won’t provide you with the most optimal cultivation operation. 

When you purchase traditional HVAC systems you may have more maintenance costs than a specialized units’ upfront costs, and the specialized unit will have more long-term effectiveness. 

One of the most common mistakes with buying a basic HVAC system is buying one that is too big for your greenhouse. If you do not have the right size climate control system for your grow room, it will not perform well. 

Traditional HVAC systems also tend to not be able to balance the air circulation for the cannabis plants throughout the grow room and this results in the environment becoming too dry. Prospiant’s specialized equipment is able to balance air flow, temperature, and humidity levels to create the perfect environment. 

Hybrid and Evaporative Cooling Systems in Cannabis Grow Facility

Hybrid and evaporative cooling systems in your greenhouse(s) will save a substantial amount of energy costs compared to traditional grow room HVAC. They also allow growers to have flexibility in temperature control and humidity control. 

Fan or pad cooling units from Prospiant use exhaust fans to pull outside air into the greenhouse at over one air exchange per minute. 

An evaporative wet pad can be installed for greenhouses that have excess moisture from humidity. These evaporative wet pads are operationally efficient and less capital intensive. 

These components can be helpful in commercial grow rooms where you may be trying to produce a lot of quality cannabis in an environment that would not typically be able to provide the right climate. 

The hybrid and evaporative cooling systems are all around much better for the environment than traditional units. A lot of growers in the legal cannabis industry consider themselves environmentally responsible so having sustainable equipment is important to them. The systems from Prospiant are better for the environment and better for your business.

Things to Consider When Choosing An HVAC System for Cannabis

Things you’re going to need to consider when choosing a cannabis cultivation HVAC system are:

  • Facility: There are many things that need to be known about the facility before installing an HVAC system. What material the building is made out of could be important. Whether it’s a grow room or full cultivation facility the dimensions need to be known. 
  • Size: If you install an HVAC system that is too big for your grow room, it will use up too much energy and possibly over-dry your space. Too small of an HVAC system will not use the needed amount of energy to keep climate control in the room. Not having the proper unit size can affect the cannabis plant growth and reduce the quality of your product.
  • Cannabis plants: The number of cannabis plants or plant density is important to determine an HVAC system that will be able to provide air conditioning that is best for growing your wanted amount of cannabis.   

Choose Prospiant as your partner and equipment manufacturer because we’ve already got the experience on our side! It’s important to pick a company that has experience in the cannabis industry, to best know what systems you should have in place in your facility or grow room.


Grow rooms can simulate an environment that will allow you to grow better quality cannabis and control the environment it grows in. Prospiant’s specialized HVAC circulates air flow to make sure that the entire greenhouse is getting the same climate for optimal plant growth. Growers can control the temperature and humidity as well.  

With a specialized HVAC system from Prospiant growers can have complete control over the temperature and humidity in their greenhouse or grow room. They can have sensors mounted to measure and relay the temperature and humidity to the grower so that they can then alter the controls to their desired temperature and humidity level.

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