Charley Creek Gardens & Conservatory

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Charley Creek Gardens are approximately 6 1/2 acres located in the city of Wabash, Indiana complete with a Meadow of wild flowers and plants  native to Indiana, Hedge Maize, 30′-0″ tall 4-tiered Waterfall, Shade  Garden and Conservatory. The Conservatory is approximately 1,000 square feet and stands about 14′-6″ tall with a faceted end facing North Miami Street. The main area of the Conservatory is used for plant production from February through June, research projects with local schools, and special community events with a year round seasonal display in the faceted end. A small corridor connects the Conservatory to the Gardens Research/Education Building.

Charley Creek Gardens are owned and managed by the Charley Creek Foundation. The goal of these semi-public gardens is to provide the opportunity for gardening, as well as serve as a resource to the community regarding plants and landscape architecture through their book collection and computers located in their Research/Education Building. Charley Creek Gardens will establish visiting hours in 2008, and tours are available on request.

  • Contract Scope Included
  • Design and Engineering*
  • Structure and Glazing
  • Shade System
  • Cart Benches
  • Perimeter Fin Tube Heat
  • Evaporative Cooler Units
  • Horizontal Air Flow Fans
  • Environmental Control System

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