Interior Shade & Energy Curtains

Greenhouse Interior Curtain Systems

Shade cloth type will greatly affect the use of your greenhouse curtain systems. Blackout cloths can be used to change the day length for your crop and be used as a heat retention cloth at night. 

Shade curtain cloths come in a range of shade percentages to best fit your individual application.

Cloths can reflect the infrared light range to reduce the heat gain and diffuse the PAR light the crop uses to increase the look and health of the plant. 

The right cloth type can be pulled at night creating an attic space above the curtain and reducing your heat loss saving you as much as 35% annually.


  • Change the day length of your crop
  • Heat retention at night
  • Range of shade percentages available
  • Diffuse the PAR your crop receives
  • Reduce heat loss by up to 35% annually
  • Increase yields

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