Commercial Greenhouse Watering Systems: Hanging Baskets

When valuable time spent hand watering hanging baskets becomes unsustainable or simply mind-numbingly tedious, hanging basket commercial greenhouse watering systems offer an excellent solution to your problems, particularly when you have a lot of square footage under production.

While hanging up baskets over ground-floor production maximizes space and profits, routine tasks such as watering and scouting take on a new level of difficulty.

Hanging basket commercial greenhouse watering systems makes these tasks easier and more efficient while requiring less manual labor. Watering transitions to a targeted approach that uses less water when growers use an automatic watering system for their hanging baskets. Plant quality improves.

There are a variety of options available to you for hanging plant irrigation systems that range from stationary systems to those that utilize pulleys to fully automated cable or chain systems.

Your production square footage, labor requirements, style of greenhouse, and crop needs help determine which hanging basket irrigation systems will work best for your greenhouse.



  • Simplified installation and user-friendly operation  
  • Allow for the convenience of automated self-watering
  • Efficiently reduce water consumption 
  • Enhance labor productivity with boosted efficiency 
  • Optimize vertical greenhouse space 
  • Facilitate transportation to a central area, if required 
  •  Supply consistent water volumes for uniform crop growth
  • Reduce susceptibility to human error, preventing over- or under-watering issues 
  • Minimize impacts of varying light levels throughout the greenhouse 
  • Maintain crop uniformity  

Stationary hanging basket watering systems work well over greenhouse loading docks.

Stop hand watering those hard-to-reach baskets.

Let Prospiant help you choose the right hanging basket commercial greenhouse watering system for your growing needs.

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