Hydronic 4-pipe HVACD Greenhouse Cooling and Heating System

Outside view of Prospiant's hydronic 4-pipe HVACD system for greenhouse cooling and heating during cannabis cultivation.
Exterior air handling unit

Cost-Effective Environmental Control for Greenhouse Cooling

In a competitive marketplace, it’s critical to save money and use resources efficiently.

The Hydronic 4-Pipe HVACD’s economizer mode allows you to save energy by tapping into outdoor conditions to deliver filtered, cooled, and dehumidified air.

The optional boiler flue CO2 system provides free CO2 grow zone enrichment while you get efficient greenhouse cooling and heating.

Precision for Efficiency

Achieve excellent temperature and humidity control with:

  • Valve Modulation: Modulate chilled and hot water mixing valves at precise load levels to balance greenhouse cooling, heating, and dehumidification.
  • Combined Greenhouse Cooling and Greenhouse Dehumidifier: Dehumidification mode managed by the same air handler unit operating cooling and heating. Simultaneously, chilled water coils cool and dehumidify air while hot water coils reheat air back to neutral temperatures.

Reliable Redundancy

Protect your cannabis crop when things go wrong. Our system offers:

  • Option for multiple shared chillers, boilers, and pumps ensures uninterrupted operation.
  • Multiple air-handler fans guarantee continuous airflow.
  • Built-in outdoor air intake doubles as a fresh air supply and emergency exhaust.

Energy Efficiency

Manage energy costs effectively during greenhouse cooling and heating with:

  • Consistent Dehumidification: Air handler consistently dehumidifies with precise chilled water control, reducing energy consumption by 10%.
  • Heating/Boiler Efficiency: High-efficiency condensing boilers use 15% less energy for the same heat output as conventional gas unit heaters.
  • Economization: Turn off the chilled water system and utilize outdoor air during cooler months of the year, for up to 35% electricity savings annually.

How It Works

Prospiant's HVACD system for greenhouse cooling and heating is a hydronic 4-pipe system.

Take Charge of Your OPEX

In maturing markets, with wholesale prices dropping, you need to control your OPEX without compromising flower quality. A sealed, environmentally controlled greenhouse delivers similar temperatures and humidity levels to an indoor grow, with the bonus of free full-spectrum sunlight.

A greenhouse with full-spectrum natural lighting, designed for 80°F and at 55% humidity, uses 47% less energy costs than an indoor grow with HPS lights employing a conventional HVACD system for greenhouse cooling and heating. You gain a huge market advantage!

Energy Savings Comparison: Indoor Grow vs. Greenhouse Grow

Sealed Greenhouse* = $390,000**/year

Monthly energy costs for a greenhouse structure using Prospiant's HVACD system.

Indoor Grow* = $730,000**/year

Monthly energy costs for cannabis indoor grow using Prospiant's HVACD system

*Calculations based on 25,000 sf scenario in Midwest, maintaining 35 DLI lighting with HPS lights
**Costs based on $0.10/kWh for electric and $13.00/1,000 ft3 for natural gas

Schematic drawing of Prospiant's proprietary HVACD 4-pipe HVACD system.

System Components

The Prospiant Hydronic 4-Pipe HVACD Greenhouse Cooling and Heating System includes:

  • Outdoor-mounted Air Handlers: One for each grow space, featuring dual heating and cooling coils, controlled by two chilled and two hot water pipes.
  • Efficient Ducting: Air handlers duct into the grow space through the end gable wall, directly distributing conditioned air beneath benches to the plants via perforated flexible ducting.

Prospiant's HVACD system includes under the bench ducting for even air distribution to cannabis plants.
Under the bench flexible ducting directly distributes conditioned air to cannabis plants.

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