Sealed Venlo Pre-Engineered* Solution 

Sealed Venlo

The Sealed Venlo is the best climate-controlled solution out there for growing cannabis in a greenhouse. It offers complete environmental control regarding humidity, temperature, and light intensity.

With the greenhouse facility being completely sealed, the chances of outside pests and contaminants entering the grow zone are essentially eliminated.

Mechanical dehumidification via fan coil units or air handlers offers accurate and efficient control of the environment and is the best way to maintain actual environmental set points to improve plant health and turn out premium product.

The Sealed Venlo has the capacity to be controlled and operated as if it was an indoor grow but saves the cultivator money in capital and operating expenses due to the benefits of natural sunlight and other factors associated with a glass house.

Side view of a sealed Venlo showing the glass roof and paneled sides


  • Increases plant yields and health
  • Reduces operating expenses: The operating expenses of a Sealed Venlo are much lower than that of an indoor grow, while still maintaining the environmental control and yield. Growers stay more competitive in their markets, while still producing quality flower throughout the entire year.
  • Controls humidity and temperature in high-humidity regions. In areas where growers cannot use outside air to cool their grow zone, the Sealed Venlo offers complete humidity and temperature control.
  • Reduces risks of pests and contaminants
  • CO2 concentrations can be increased and held at maximum levels
  • Requires less maintenance, due to height and glass roof, when compared to other standard structures


  • 18-foot gutter height allows warm air to rise higher in the grow zone, creating a more uniform temperature and humidity surrounding the canopy. The Venlo has the highest truss height of Prospiant’s structure family.
  • Glass roof for maximum light transmission to the plant canopy, decreasing the required amount of supplemental lighting fixtures needed to achieve optimal light intensities.
  • Standard four-peak design in 31½-foot width, allows for maximum control of cultivation systems.
  • HVACD supplied mechanically. This means the Sealed Venlo can operate efficiently on its own, regardless of location or outside climate.
  • Top-of-the-line shade and blackout systems provide cultivators with the ability to harvest year-round (five to six harvests a year)
  • Fan coil units and air handlers designed specifically for the cultivation of cannabis offer next-level environmental control.

Overhead drone view of Sealed Venlo greenhouse.

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