You See the Opportunity Blooming

Consumers love their flowers and other plants for interior décor, landscaping and to give as gifts. So you may want to start, expand, or invest in a wholesale growing or retail plant business, but you may not know how to bring your greenhouse project to life on time and within budget.

It’s time to demand thinking.

Where Do You Start?

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” greenhouse project. Not when you want to ensure your flowers and other plants reach their full potential with lower operational costs, less water, and fewer fertilizers and pesticides.

Grow the Way You Want to Grow

How do you simplify maintenance and optimize the consumer shopping experience?

And after extreme weather strikes or a fork truck accident occurs, how do you ensure the safety of customers and employees while also minimizing costly downtime and damage to your plants?

You know what you want to accomplish but may be less certain about how to make it happen.

Introducing Prospiant

Say hello to the people who have succeeded at every aspect of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) — architectural design, installation, integration, operations, maintenance, expansion, and innovation — over and over again.

Our teams can help you select the method that best advances your growing agenda.

Your Source for Complete Botanical Ecosystems

Prospiant provides retail garden centers and wholesale growers of ornamentals and other plants with commercial greenhouse structures, benching, control systems, dehumidification, HVAC, irrigation, and lighting.

  • Leverage our broad experience across horticultural markets, operations and technologies to create the complete ecosystem; including commercial greenhouse structures, benching, control systems, dehumidification, HVAC, irrigation and lighting.
  • Access the expert insights you need to maximize production, distribution and return on investment.
  • Create custom solutions that enable you to successfully launch, diversify, expand, and lead wholesale and retail growing operations.
  • Provide your customers with differentiated experiences, increase their knowledge, and support them in their pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

Being new to growing in a Nexus greenhouse is both exciting and overwhelming. After the structure was completed, Paul Golden (CEA engineer) helped me fine tune different systems to ensure the optimal start of the new greenhouse. Not only did Paul help me fix a leaky wet wall by sending him videos of the problem, he also got me lined out on wet wall maintenance. He assisted me until the issues were resolved, and his customer service has made all the difference. Thanks Paul! Thanks again Paul, I still can't believe that I get to operate this Nexus greenhouse. It's the best balance between my dream come true and a huge reality check

Nikki Wilson Red Tail Gardens

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Discover how to create the complete growing ecosystem for your wholesale growing or retail garden center.


Project: White Oak Garden Center

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Wholesale growers and retail center operators can confidently create complete ecosystems for flowers and other plants by leveraging the experience and knowledge of the horticulture specialists at Prospiant.

As our partner, you can benefit from the financial strength and end-to-end expertise built by our heritage brands during more than 185 years of combined business success.

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