Types of Light Deprivation Greenhouses

Light Deprivation Hoop Houses

Hoop houses are smaller semi-permanent greenhouses that you can use as a growing space. They can have a light deprivation system made around them with tarps to act as light traps just like a larger greenhouse. You can place a tarp over the hoop house and connect it to a man-made pulley system. Then you would pull the tarp away when it’s time for sunlight and vice versa.

Entry-level Greenhouses

Your entry-level greenhouse is one that you see with a gable series roof. They have high tunnels that are angled to slope so that snow can slide off for optimal sunlight. These can be turned into light deprivation greenhouses to allow growers more than just one harvest a year. They can be money saving and are more sustainable than growing outdoors. Light deprivation curtains block out the light from outdoors and can also regulate the temperature, humidity, and other levels inside.

Engineered Greenhouses With Automated Light Deprivation Systems

Greenhouses can be engineered to have fully automated light deprivation systems that allow growers to automate environmental controls. With full automation most growers end up with a better quality product and full bloom more times a year than if they did not have automated light deprivation. This means more harvesting and more revenue. Having a commercial light deprivation greenhouse is the way to go. It being automated to a set schedule is even better. 

You may still be asking the question of why light deprivation is needed in your greenhouse structure?

The Advantages of Using a Light Deprivation Greenhouse

There are many advantages to having a commercial light deprivation greenhouse, that include:

  • Allows total control over the amount of sunlight your plants get or do not get
  • Growers can create their own crop schedule and perfect it to the exact time each stage of growth needs to ensure crops are ready for harvesting when growers need them to be
  • Automated light deprivation systems are able to keep themselves on schedule
  • Creates the ability for year round harvest, skyrocketing your revenue 
  • Provides you with a better quality product because you can completely control their environment 

A light deprivation system along with horizontal air flow (HAF) fans or exhaust fans and other greenhouse systems to control the environment, will make your greenhouse structure successful. Prospiant has all kinds of environmental controls to ensure that you can grow the way you want to grow.


Light deprivation greenhouses are much more efficient in growing because they can perfect the amount of time the plant needs lightness and darkness. Greenhouses in general are much more sustainable than growing outdoors and you have control over all ‘weather conditions’ inside the greenhouse.

Yes, you can grow with a light deprivation system year round because you have the ability to control the amount of natural sunlight the plants are exposed to when it’s available and then when it’s not you can use grow lights. For example, in the winter when there is less sunshine, supplemental lighting can simulate the sun for your growing environment, allowing you to grow year round.

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