The Zephyr is the ideal choice for natural ventilation and dehumidification. Its curved roof shape and peak vent allow heat to escape from the top of the house, eliminating the need for exhaust fans and vents, even with the gutters full of snow. Sidewall heights leave ample room for equipment such as booms, shade systems, and hanging baskets. The curved truss design gives you the flexibility to start with a poly-film covering and retrofit to a hard covering later.
The Zephyr works well for both production and retail settings.

Plant Marketing, WI

Natural Ventilation at Its Best

  • Prevents heat build-up: Top-mounted vertical roof vents and drop curtains allow hot air to escape from the highest point of the greenhouse, not at the lower gutter area as in other designs.
  • Maintains ambient temperature: Ability to hold outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without the use of mechanical cooling.
  • Protects when temperatures drop: Poly covering offers a high degree of insulation in colder climates.

Strength at Its Finest

  • Provides weather protection: Vertical vent protects crops from heavy rains and minimizes the risk of losing vents to high winds. Insect screens install in a snap.
  • Improves humidity control: Winter dehumidification improved by letting only the hottest air at the peak escape while maintaining warm temperatures at the crop level.
  • Handles hanging weight: The strength of the welded truss design gives you the flexibility to hang baskets, vegetable crops, or equipment.
  • Customized for regional requirements: Designed to meet local snow and wind load specifications.

Zephyr greenhouse with mechanical ventilation at Plantorium Greenhouse, CO.
Plantorium Greenhouse, CO
Zephyr greenhouse with sliding door in endwall at Plant Marketing, WI
Plant Marketing, WI

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Discover the Zephyr, an ideal choice for natural ventilation and dehumidification.

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Standard Zephyr Specifications

CAD illustration of a Zephyr greenhouse showing atrium, ridge, and EDGG venting.

Unique truss design for peak venting: Atrium vent (left) and ridge vent (right). Sidewallls can be vented with an exterior drop-down guillotine (EDDG) vent (left), swingout vent (right), or roll-up sidewall curtains (not shown).

  • Widths: 24’, 30’, 36’
  • Gutter height: 10′-16′
  • Bay Spacing: 10’, 12’ 
  • Load ratings: 15 psf, 20 psf, 30 psf
  • Custom widths and loads available upon request

Get to Know the Zephyr

  • One-piece factory-welded trusses for strength and longevity
  • High-strength Tenzaloy column caps and gutter saddles
  • Purlins, wall framing, and columns are predrilled and made of swaged square steel for strength and longevity
  • Large, walkable gutter for ease of installation of chosen glazing
  • Curved truss design accommodates double-poly, corrugated polycarbonate, or twinwall
  • High-strength double-toothed steel rack arms stronger against wind than single-toothed aluminum
  • Vent options: drop-down curtains, atrium vent, or peak hinged vent. Optional rollup or EDDG vent on the sidewalls and gables to increase air intake area.
  • Optional powder-coated frame, flashings, and extrusions

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Atrium Venting on Zephyr greenhouse
Range of gutter-connected Zephyr production greenhouses

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