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You’re confident about the power of your ideas. But big ideas are not enough. It’s time to rely on a turn-key provider you can count on to accelerate your greenhouse ambitions toward unparalleled achievement.

Let Us Help You Design and Build Your Greenhouse

We share our proven controlled environment agriculture (CEA) know-how and leading greenhouse software because you want an expert, dependable partner at every step toward your goals. Because we believe in what you can do – we’re the only commercial greenhouse resource you’ll need. No matter what you’re using your commercial greenhouse for – we’re here to help with our complete end-to-end agtech solutions.

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Your Way of Doing Things Gives You an Edge

We can help you capitalize on it. Our specialists in greenhouse engineering, installation, optimization, maintenance, and landscaping enable organizations just like yours to succeed. From setting up your infrastructure to optimizing your irrigation system – let our greenhouse experts help you harness your unique way of doing things. Trust us, your customers will appreciate it.


Why Buy From Prospiant?

Depend on Our Expertise to Achieve Your Greenhouse Goals

You’re ready to innovate and unlock tremendous opportunities. Leverage our team’s decades of thorough market understanding and the broadest portfolio in the industry. Dream it, and our greenhouse experts can help you create complete greenhouse ecosystems that account for your unique business needs.

Our Company

As our partner, you can confidently grow because you will benefit from the financial strength and end-to-end expertise built by our heritage greenhouse companies during more than 150 years of combined business success. We’ve helped commercial enterprises grow from a few hundred square feet of growing space, to millions of square feet, and everyone in between. Our design/build/integration capabilities mean you’ll have a full spectrum of greenhouse supplies and services to help you stay on top of the latest product releases. You’ll also be able to continually improve your indoor plants, commercial greenhouses, grow lights, growing methods, and use of industry technology.

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