Understanding the Basics of Greenhouse Climate Control

Until recently, creating and maintaining the perfect growing environment was a difficult and time-consuming job. That’s where automated growing systems come in. Our state-of-the-art environmental control systems manage and optimize every aspect of your greenhouse climate. Simply set your preferences and rest easy knowing your greenhouse growing environment is taken care of.

Automated environmental control systems can use programming to run ventilation equipment, watering systems, or alarms to warn you of problems in single or multiple zone situations.

Control Humidity Level Inside the Greenhouse

Our climate control systems allow you to control humidity, temperature, and every other aspect of your greenhouse growing conditions.

Advantages of Greenhouse Climate Control

  • Simple to operate automation
  • Set parameters to your needs
  • Save energy
  • Control temperature
  • Use programming to run all equipment
  • Automate watering
  • Multi-zone capabilities
  • Optimize plant growth
  • Decrease energy costs


A classic greenhouse has limited capacity for environmental control - you’re stuck with one growing environment. Our greenhouse climate systems allow for total control of environmental elements. These include water management, air conditioning, supplemental lighting, and dehumidification processes. Our state-of-the-art sensors and unit heaters allow you to eliminate temperature variations, hot air, or cold spots within the environment. Relative humidity can be increased or decreased using our built-in automated dehumidification technology.

These are the climate control systems that manage your plants’ environment. Irrigation control keeps crops perfectly watered and thriving. Lighting control means you don’t have to rely on natural sunlight. Greenhouse heating and cooling systems eliminate cold spots and keep plants growing through every season. Dehumidification systems allow you to raise or lower your greenhouse humidity level. Supplemental lighting is also an essential element of any successful greenhouse.

Constant management of environmental controls is a difficult full-time job. That’s why we offer automated system management. Automated greenhouses use a series of integrated, highly sensitive sensors that relay information between environmental control systems. This means your greenhouse can function with perfect irrigation, fresh air ventilation, greenhouse temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, and light exposure at all times - with no input from you.

Staying warm in the winter is the least of what our greenhouse automation systems are capable of. Optimal temperatures, including warm air, can be maintained in any season or environment. Grow cool-weather crops in the middle of the summer, enjoy healthy plants and record growth during a dry spell, or keep sensitive plants from molding in humid areas. With an automated greenhouse, you aren’t limited in what you can grow by external surroundings.

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