Choosing the right lighting for your greenhouse

At Prospiant, our commercial growing installations will allow for complete commercial growing with ease. Our energy-efficient lighting fixtures can improve the yield of your plants, the quality, and make the process faster. We can supply you with lighting fixtures for your commercial hydroponics systems if that’s how you have chosen to grow your plants. Commercial hydroponics is a process of growing your crop while having control of environmental conditions, providing the plant with what they need, right when they need it. Other indoor gardening applications to install in your greenhouse are commercial irrigation systems, which help growers efficiently and evenly water their crops.

Think of us as a partner; we’ll be there to design, build, maintain and restore any resource that we can provide you. We oversee the life cycle of your commercial lighting project and can be there when you need replacement light bulbs or any other restoration of our products.


There are a variety of greenhouse lights that are all referred to as greenhouse lighting fixtures. Some examples of lighting systems that can be installed are HPS lighting, LED lighting, and light deprivation.

Yes! LED lights can be used in a greenhouse; they are recommended to growers who need lighting that will produce less heat for their plants. LED lights are often used in greenhouses that are being used to grow cannabis.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Traditional yet modern
  • Ideal for retail or production
  • Choose from glass, polycarbonate or insulated panels
  • Spans up to 60 feet

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