Types of Greenhouses

When considering the design and structure for your controlled environment agriculture (CEA) operations, there are many different types of greenhouse structures and commercial greenhouses to choose from.

Different designs have different strengths. Some may be more appropriate for cultivating fruits and vegetables while others are better for garden centers, plant nurseries, and other retail operations. Broadly speaking, greenhouses can be divided into types based on frame materials and technology, including:

  • Pipe Metal Frame Greenhouses
  • Wooden Frame Greenhouses
  • Glass Greenhouses
  • Sawtooth Greenhouses
  • Shade Houses
  • Geodesic Dome Greenhouses

No matter what type of greenhouse you’re looking for, the experts at Prospiant will work with you to find the best greenhouse structures for your growing and cultivation efforts. We have a wide variety of quality customizable commercial greenhouse kits for growers to choose from, including:

The Venlo

A cost-effective glass greenhouse with maximum light transmission

The Dual Atrium

A commercial greenhouse with vertical roof venting for reduced need of cooling equipment

The Grand Teton

A Gothic arch design greenhouse with exceptional condensate control at a competitive price

 The Vail Atrium

A versatile greenhouse for crops at all stages with easy to operate vertical roof vents

 Benefits of Building a Greenhouse

Greenhouses give commercial growers greater environmental control capabilities. All aspects of the cultivation process can be monitored and adjusted to reach optimal growing conditions for plants, regardless of climate or weather. Greenhouse components like irrigation, lighting, temperature, humidity, and other systems can all be precisely regulated by growers to promote higher yields.

With heating elements like forced air heaters powered by natural gas, a commercial greenhouse can extend growing seasons year round and allow for a greater variety of fruits and vegetables to be grown. As consumer demand for fresh, quality produce increases, it will be up to commercial greenhouses to satisfy the market.

The More You Grow, the More You’ll Grow

You want to start, expand, or invest in a produce-growing business. Or, you intend to diversify your established operations to grow more fruits and vegetables in multi-state operations; supplying local retail centers, groceries, and restaurants.

You have the vision, but you may not know how to make it happen on time and within budget.

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You Taste the Opportunity

You’ll never keep up with consumers’ growing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally.

That’s how you know you’re in the right business.

Today, people are consuming more healthy produce rich in flavor. This explains why sales of leafy greens and berries are increasing faster than other produce items.

Maximum Yields from a Complete Produce Ecosystem

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” greenhouse project — not when you intend to:

  • Ensure your lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, sweet peppers, and other produce reach the highest quality
  • Reduce operational costs, use water, and apply fewer fertilizers and pesticides
  • Advance cultivar research and educate growers to expand the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry

Providing the Right Greenhouse Solution for You: Introducing Prospiant

We are your controlled environment agriculture technology partner for wholesale produce growers of all sizes. We offer you innovative greenhouse packages including greenhouse structures, growing and processing equipment, and systems.

By partnering with Prospiant, you will:

  • Work directly with specialists who’ll share their knowledge to help you stay ahead of new processes and the latest equipment as well as business, marketplace, and regulatory trends
  • Always be first to know about important industry changes 
  • Create what we call the complete produce ecosystem
  • Leverage our deep experience from soil-to-market
  • Access the expert insights your business needs to capture growth opportunities as well as discover the confidence and support to succeed now and in the future

 We Will Help Your Business Grow the Way You Want to Grow

There are many different methods to achieve optimal growing conditions in your CEA operation. So where do you start?

With Prospiant. Our people have succeeded at every aspect — design, installation, integration, operations, maintenance and expansion — over and over again.

Our produce-growing specialists can help you select the business model, structures, equipment and processes that are best for you.

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Commercial Greenhouses

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Get industrial-strength knowledge and potent greenhouse expertise from Prospiant, the largest provider of complete fruits and vegetables ecosystems in the contiguous United States.

Thermoenergy Solutions

ThermoEnergy is a leading provider of large-scale commercial greenhouses, including design, engineering and installation of turnkey projects. Partner with us to create custom solutions that enable you to: 

  • Benefit from our technical know-how and decades of financial stability
  • Make confident business decisions with our hands-on support when you want it
  • Avoid hidden costs by implementing end–to-end solutions
  • Quickly realize return on your investment

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Nexus Greenhouse Systems

Nexus is a leading cannabis and commercial greenhouse solutions provider. We are your single-source solution for commercial, cannabis, and institutional greenhouse design, engineering, and manufacturing. With innovative designs, exceptional service, and expert construction practices, we’re continually investing in new production automation and efficiency upgrades to deliver value with advanced growing systems and managed cost structures.

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RBI (Rough Brothers Inc.)

RBI is a leading provider of climate-controlled structures and custom growing solutions for research, retail and commercial applications. Founded in 1932, we are your expert partners for the design, manufacture, and build of commercial and institutional greenhouses for agricultural and horticultural growing environments. Our team works collaboratively with you to design customized solutions for every growing function.

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To start a commercial greenhouse project, begin by considering the types of crops you want to grow and the amount of time and effort you can reasonably devote to growing and cultivating. Then, compare different commercial greenhouses and greenhouse design options for your budget. For the best results, growers should get in touch with the experts at Prospiant to support you in your commercial greenhouse endeavors.

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