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Want to know what prosperity looks like? It’s strong agribusinesses, healthier lifestyles and a sustainable future. That’s what our customers pursue — and what inspires our team of leading specialists in controlled environment agriculture (CEA).


Grow Your Opportunity Now

We can support your growing and processing projects, regardless of size and at any stage or with complete turnkey solutions.

Here’s a summary of how Prospiant, a Gibraltar company, can help your business, research or community institution as well as high schools and universities.



Design Your Project With Expert Consultation

Prospiant offers complete architectural design, advisory and consulting services. Our team includes licensed architects, engineers and other experts on staff, and a network of proven contractors who will help design and test sites as part of site development for your project.



Build With Turnkey General Contracting Services

Our team of experts on staff and proven network of general, electrical and mechanical contractors can help you prepare sites, build greenhouse and indoor growing structures, and install benches, tables, grow gutters, racks, trays and drain water recirculation, roof glazing, ventilation and light abatement.

In addition, we can help you with processing and prep facilities. For extraction equipment and lab design, we offer cannabinoid extraction technologies, including CO2, ethanol and solventless. Other processing and refinement technologies available to you from Prospiant include C1D2 processing labs, chilling, distillation, evaporation, extraction and filtration.



Integrate the Perfect Growing Environment

Prospiant assists with the software and hardware integration of critical equipment and systems that enable growing environments such as air quality and odor control, artificial lighting, CO2 dehumidification, heating, refrigeration and ventilation, irrigation and fertigation, shades and curtains. In addition, we offer artificial lighting, sorting and packing equipment and water disinfection.



Operate Your Facilities in Optimum Condition

Once your facility is constructed, you’ll need products, services and equipment to support ongoing growing operations. Prospiant provides aftermarket parts and repair, consumables, preventative maintenance and emergency repair.



Although Prospiant is a new company it stands proudly upon a historical foundation that reaches back for decades. Collectively built by our six industry-leading brands, Prospiant embodies long-term stability with unmatched financial strength and end-to-end expertise gained during more than 185 years of combined business success.

Our customers rely on our expertise in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology, life sciences, and infrastructure to succeed in these markets:

  • Produce — growers of fruits and vegetables located closer to the grocery retailers and restaurants they supply
  • Cannabis — cultivators of cannabis and extractors and refiners of cannabinoids in states and countries where medicinal or recreational use has been legalized
  • Commercial — growers of flowers and plants as well as educational, research and institutional organizations and retail structures businesses


Rough Brothers, Inc. (RBI) was founded


Nexus Corporation was founded


ThermoEnergy Solutions was founded


Apeks Supercritical was founded


Delta Separations was founded


RBI joined Gibraltar


Nexus Corporation joined Gibraltar


Apeks Supercritical joined Gibraltar


ThermoEnergy Solutions joined Gibraltar


Delta Separations joined Gibraltar


Unified as Prospiant


Our leaders are our greatest assets. Collectively, they bring to the table in-depth expertise from our three key markets; produce, cannabis, and commercial agribusiness.

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Mark Dunson

Group President

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Lauren Thomas

Director — Human Resources

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Rafael Nieves

VP — Finance

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Rudy Magasrevy

VP — Operations

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John McPhillips

General Manager — Commercial Growing

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Peter Sashin

Vice President — Marketing & Sales

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Burkhard Metzger

General Manager — Produce

Our Heritage

Prospiant stands on a foundation of six industry-leading brands. Together we embody long-term financial stability and end-to-end expertise gained over more than 185 years of combined success.

Nexus Greenhouse Systems

Nexus is a leading cannabis and commercial greenhouse solutions provider. We are your single-source solution for commercial, cannabis, and institutional greenhouse design, engineering, and manufacturing. With innovative designs, exceptional service, and expert construction practices, we’re continually investing in new production automation and efficiency upgrades to deliver value with advanced growing systems and managed cost structures.

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RBI (Rough Brothers Inc.)

RBI is a leading provider of climate-controlled structures and custom growing solutions for research, retail and commercial applications. Founded in 1932, we are your expert partners for the design, manufacture, and build of commercial and institutionalgreenhouses for agricultural and horticultural growing environments. Our team works collaboratively with you to design customized solutions for every growing function.

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ThermoEnergy Solutions

Thermo Energy is your trusted partner in delivering complete large-scale commercial greenhouse solutions, including design, engineering and installation of turnkey projects. Thermo Energy supplies and installs greenhouse heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems, CO2 systems, hot water storage tanks, boiler install and service, greenhouse carts, custom stainless-steel kitchens in bunkhouses and fabrication of greenhouse structures.

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Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical manufactures industry-leading CO2 extraction technologies for the safe and efficient extraction of high-quality oil from plant-based biomass such as hemp and cannabis. Apeks started with a mission to provide a cleaner, safer and more efficient way to extract high quality botanical oils and continues with a pioneering spirit and dedication to our craft to meet the evolving needs of our industry.

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Delta Separations

Delta Separations manufactures innovative ethanol and solventless extraction, recovery, and distillation technologies for the processing of high-quality oil from biomass such as hemp and cannabis. Delta’s systems adhere to national and worldwide standards such as the UL/CUL 1389, the ISO 9001, and various US patents—the first extraction equipment to do so. There’s a Delta system in nearly every large-scale extraction facility in North America.

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We Are a Gibraltar Company

Gibraltar Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROCK), is a leading manufacturer and provider of products and services for the renewable energy, agtech, residential, and infrastructure markets. Gibraltar’s mission is to create compounding and sustainable value with strong leadership positions in higher growth, profitable end markets. Gibraltar's common stock is a component of the S&P SmallCap 600 and the Russell 2000® Index. More information about Gibraltar can be found on its website at

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