Capabilities: Greenhouse Engineering, Construction, Custom Greenhouse Builders

Your greenhouse project will benefit from the in-depth expertise of our designers, engineers, project managers, estimators, and plant specialists. With more than 150+ years of combined experience as custom greenhouse builders, our team understands the many and varied needs of your greenhouse project and can create the optimal custom greenhouse to suit your requirements.

We carefully engineer our greenhouse flooring, structures and automated greenhouse structures for low environmental impact and maximum plant growth, ensuring your plants reach their full potential at a lower operational cost, with less water, and using fewer fertilizers and pesticides.

Greenhouse Engineering, Construction, Structures & Equipment

As you may already know, it’s not enough to bundle best-in-class technologies together and expect a facility to flourish. You need to look at the entire picture to make sure all growing systems and other equipment are integrated into the facility and operating properly.

To help drive an efficient greenhouse build process, our greenhouse design consultants start by collaborating with you to design a holistic customer greenhouse plan for your facility.

Our greenhouse general contracting ensures you have a team that knows how to build and install your greenhouse and integrate all relevant greenhouse automation equipment properly.

We specialize in greenhouses and indoor grow facilities, so you know your project is in good hands because we are the experts in our field.

Construction is messy and gets complicated quickly but the fastest way for you to achieve your ROI is to get your greenhouse built and start growing as soon as possible!

With a variety of greenhouse general contracting services, we work with you collaboratively throughout the greenhouse design and build process to ensure that your specific needs are met, and train you on how to control your new systems.

You’ll discover that the months following a project of greenhouses built on site are the most crucial to getting a facility optimized for productive harvests. That’s why we stay with your every step of the way, even after the project is complete, to ensure your greenhouse or indoor grow performs at its best.

Managing a greenhouse project from inception to completion, with project managers on-site and engineers engaged the whole way through, is what separates us as custom greenhouse builders from our competition. We’re proud to be a single-source solution provider to help you get the best result!

Greenhouse General Contractor Services include:

Value Engineering

Enhances the value proposition of your structure by maximizing its functionality, quality, and performance

Site Review/Evaluation

Comprehensive site assessment to analyze features, conditions, and potential applications

Compliance Review

Ensures adherence to laws, regulations, and standards

Utility Infrastructures

Essential systems for water, electricity, communications, etc.

Project Management

Efficient coordination of resources, tasks, and timelines to advance project objectives

Civil Work

Construction projects related to public infrastructure and public works

Storm Water Management

Controlling and directing the flow of rainwater to prevent flooding and protect water quality


Building or assembly of structures or systems

At Prospiant, we don’t just sell greenhouses, and we’re more than just custom greenhouse builders. We go beyond, customizing your greenhouse project to fit your specific needs. Our team works closely with you from start to finish to ensure your greenhouse performs at its absolute best.

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