Investing in a Custom Built Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse can be a challenge without the right partner. The perfect growing environment depends on great design and engineering, and all aspects of the building need to be in balance to produce the best results. But growers who build without expert help may not be able to achieve the cultivation results they need.

With the support of a custom greenhouse construction specialist, growers can be sure that their greenhouse space is optimized for better quality crops and higher yields. Indoor growing isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation, and a custom-controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facility made to your exact specifications can help to maximize efficiency while taking the guesswork out of greenhouse construction

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Custom greenhouse construction yields better crop quality and higher productivity compared to indoor cultivation methods

 Your Vision, Your Greenhouse: Customized Greenhouse Design For You

At Prospiant, we give our partners unparalleled industry expertise at every step of the custom greenhouse design and construction process. 

From architectural design to general contracting and HVAC, your partners at Prospiant will support you through every step of the custom construction process. We’ll help you create the perfect growing ecosystem for your operation.

Prospiant is working on the design and building of a custom greenhouse to fulfill the client's growing needs & demands

How Our Team Designs Custom Greenhouses

Our team has a rich history of design and construction experience in the greenhouse industry. We know the right structures, finest materials, and best equipment to achieve sustained growing and cultivation success. With custom greenhouses specifically engineered for your unique business, our customers can grow with reduced costs, less water, and fewer harsh chemicals. 

We work collaboratively with you to create a custom greenhouse tailored to your unique style and growing needs. We’ll consult with you to determine the right style of greenhouse structure, glazing materials, climate controls, and all the premium products and equipment your operations need. 

We’re happy to customize the appearance of your greenhouse with attractive colors like Hartford green, natural clay, and more. And we also offer a variety of decorative elements to customize your greenhouse, like skylights, ridge cresting, and custom trim.

Our Exceptional Range Of Custom Made Greenhouses

We have a wide variety of luxury greenhouses to choose from, each totally customizable to accommodate your specific growing needs. Whether you’re looking for a connected range of large-scale commercial greenhouses, a greenhouse for garden conservatories, a research facility, or a retail garden center, you’re sure to find the right option for you.

Some of our popular designs include:

Prospiant provides luxury greenhouses to fully customisable greenhouses design to meet each client's specific growing needs

The Dual Atrium:

A commercial greenhouse with vertical roof vents for reduced need of cooling systems

Ground-to-Ground Greenhouses:

Perfect for protecting winter crops, early spring garden starts, and retail selling space

Cannabis Greenhouses:

Engineered specifically for growing cannabis plants, these greenhouses can be outfitted with the latest growing technology

The Grand Teton:

A Gothic arch style greenhouse with exceptional condensate control at a competitive price

Competitively priced Gothic arch style greenhouse with superior condensation management, custom-built for client's needs

Windjammer 5000:

A free standing greenhouse with added height to promote crop growth and ventilation

Free standing greenhouse is another choice of custom size greenhouses, with added height to enhance crop growth & ventilation

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Prospiant offers technology-driven custom made greenhouses designed to shield plants from severe weather conditions

Explore The Benefits Of Owning A Greenhouse

Greenhouse growing has distinct advantages over traditional open-field farming and horticultural gardening. Mainly, CEA greenhouses can precisely regulate growing conditions, and this environmental control has substantial benefits.  

First, crops grown in technology-driven greenhouses are far more likely to produce greater yields than outdoor plants. With the assurance of a protected growing environment, crops can be grown all year round regardless of climate or weather.

Heavy rain, snow, wind, drought, and other extreme weather conditions won’t affect plants when they’re kept in a greenhouse. And while outdoor growing leaves crops vulnerable to harmful pests, a CEA-driven greenhouse drastically reduces the chances of a pest infestation.

Let Our Team Help You Design Your Custom Greenhouse

If you need a technology-backed custom greenhouse solution that will stand the test of time, trust Prospiant. We strive to provide our customers with all the support they need to accelerate their controlled environment agriculture efforts.

Prospiant is your source for custom greenhouse cultivation facilities — all backed by decades of in-house expertise. We’ll guide you through every stage of your project, ensuring that your greenhouse aligns with your operational goals.

We specialize in designing and building custom-controlled environment agriculture solutions for businesses of all sizes. You’ll get a complete growing ecosystem tailored to your unique needs with all the support you need for greenhouse farming success. 

When you need to set up, get growing, prove profitability, and scale fast, choose Prospiant.


Greenhouses are built to be heated by natural sunlight but may need additional heating elements. Year-round growing facilities in colder climates with shorter days will need heating systems to help plants thrive.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Traditional yet modern
  • Ideal for retail or production
  • Choose from glass, polycarbonate or insulated panels
  • Spans up to 60 feet

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