Space-efficient Mass Production House

The Venlo greenhouse is a great choice for large commercial operations, offering optimal light transmittance and exceptional ventilation. It features a high light transmitting tempered-glass roof and a truss design that accommodates energy/shade curtains, growing systems, and more. Alternating skip vents allow for the release of heat and humidity at a controlled pace.

Range of Venlo greenhouse structures at Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Optimal Growing Conditions

  • Amplifies natural light: The tempered-glass exterior minimizes light loss, while allowing for higher light transmission.
  • Delivers optimal ventilation and airflow: Higher ceilings and shallow peak heights offer greater floor-to-vent room for increased air volume, improved airflow, and a healthier growing environment. Houses can be actively or passively ventilated.
  • Minimizes moisture: Condensation channeling to the gutters negates drip damage to crops.
  • Provides heat protection: High sidewalls provide a natural heat buffer for the crop and increase production space. Shade curtains retain heat in winter and protect crops from the summer sun.

Stands the Test of Time

  • Durable weather protection: Stands up to heavy snow, wind, and crop loads.
  • Reduces maintenance: Tempered glass minimizes reglazing and upkeep.
  • Lasts for generations: Hot-dipped galvanized North American square steel for strength and longevity.

A side view of the Venlo Greenhouse by Prospiant in a snowy field with mountain sighted at the background

How much does a Venlo greenhouse cost?

Venlo greenhouses cost less per square foot than many other greenhouses. The vast array of customization options affects pricing. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about purchasing a Venlo greenhouse.

Is a Venlo greenhouse suitable for commercial growers?

The Venlo greenhouse is perfectly suited for large, commercial growers. Expansive growing operations will benefit from the hyper-efficient design, customization options, and energy-saving tempered glass exterior.

Is a Venlo greenhouse suitable for cold climates?

The Venlo greenhouse can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. Its superior ventilation and year-round climate control mean you’ll be able to grow in all types of weather. The quality construction of this greenhouse stands up to even heavy snow loads.

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Venlo/Open Roof Brochure

Discover the Venlo and Open-Roof greenhouses for space-efficient mass production, produce growing, and more

Commercial Brochure

Overview of our greenhouses for commercial growing.


Overview of our greenhouse offerings for garden center retailers.


Overview of our greenhouse offering for produce growers.

Venlo Standard Specifications

  • Widths: 8 and 12 meters (26.24′ and 39.36′)
  • Gutter height: 7.3m (24′)
  • Bay spacing: 4 m (13.12′)
  • Load rating: up to 30# roof
  • Non-standard sizes available upon request

Get to Know the Venlo

  • Single-piece factory-welded energy trusses
  • Insulated aluminum gutters suitable for roof washing equipment and chalk machines
  • Optional: powder-coated frame, flashings, and extrusions
  • Optional: direct and indirect drive roof vents
  • Optional: insect screen roof vents

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Venlo alternating skip vent
Alternating skip vent
Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
Venlo roof washing equipment for cleaning and maintenance
Roof washing equipment
Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

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