The Advantages of Prospiant Venlo Greenhouse

  • With tempered glass – dry roof glazing, reglazing, and maintenance are minimized. 
  • Sturdy construction and solid materials mean your greenhouse will stand the test of time
  • Spend less money and energy heating your greenhouse with maximized light access
  • Excellent ventilation is a standard feature of each Venlo greenhouse

How much does a Venlo greenhouse cost?

Venlo greenhouse cost less per square foot than many other greenhouses. The vast array of customization options affects pricing. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about purchasing a Venlo greenhouse.

Is a Venlo greenhouse suitable for commercial growers?

The Venlo greenhouse is perfectly suited for large, commercial growers. Expansive growing operations will benefit from the hyper-efficient design, customization options,  and energy-saving tempered glass exterior.

Is a Venlo greenhouse suitable for cold climates?

The Venlo greenhouse can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. Its superior ventilation and year-round climate control mean you’ll be able to grow in all types of weather. The quality construction of this greenhouse stands up to even heavy snow loads.

Why choose a Venlo greenhouse?

By working in collaboration with you, we can help you select, construct and maintain the optimal structures and systems to meet your needs. Customization includes post height and gutter heights for maximum efficiency. Personalization is always encouraged – there’s no limit to what a Venlo greenhouse can offer.

Ask us about how you can customize the Venlo greenhouse to your unique needs and specifications.


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