Traditional A-Frame Style Greenhouse

The Vail is the undisputed workhorse of the Prospiant family, combining high-performance strength and unmatched versatility in one multi-purpose package. This tough greenhouse has a variety of uses for crop production, retail, shipping, headhouses, and more. It is also durable enough to handle high wind, heavy snow loads, and even seismic activity, giving you the peace of mind that your crops have the best protection possible.

Interior of Vail greenhouse at Pleasant View Gardens showing hanging equipment from trusses.
Pleasant View Gardens, NH

Versatility at Its Best

  • Maximize crop space: Taller gutter heights provide plenty of clearance for any type of crop or overhead equipment. Opt for high-clearance trusses to gain more overhead space or to accommodate overhead/oversized doors.
  • Create climate zones: Optional partition walls available to easily section off zones with interior walls.
  • Convert to a headhouse: Seamlessly add metal decking and insulated metal coverings.
  • Enhance airflow: Optional atrium roof vent, single or double roof venting
  • Versatile covering options: Flexibility of using polycarbonate, glass, acrylic, metal
  • Adapt to your needs: Accommodates various ventilation styles, growing systems, shade systems, and heating and cooling systems.

Strength at Its Finest

  • Built for resilience: Meets regional wind and snow and seismic load requirements for building permits.
  • Crafted to endure: Triple-galvanized U.S. square steel for strength and longevity. Aluminum extrusions and flashing for a long-lasting clean finish.
  • Fortified for weight: Supports overhead equipment, hanging baskets, heat pipe, fire suppression, and irrigation needs.

Vail greenhouse structure at Hicks Nursery, NY
Hicks Nursery, NY
Vail greenhouse with 8 mm roof glass gabel

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Vail Brochure

Discover the Vail, an all-purpose greenhouse for crop production, retail, shipping, headhouses, and more.

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CAD Drawing of Vail Atrium greenhouse showing edge, double atrium, and swing out vents.

CAD Drawing shows exterior drop down guillotine – EDDG vent (left), double roof vent (center), atrium vent (right) and swing out vent (right). High-clearance truss (left), curved bottom cord truss (center), and standard flat bottom cord truss (right).

Standard Vail Specifications

  • Gutter heights: 10′-16′
  • Widths: 15′, 24′, 30′, 35′ 6″, 41′ 6″, 42′ spans
  • Bay Spacing: 10′ to 12′, depending on building code requirements
  • Roof load ratings: 20#/sq. ft. or higher
  • Non-standard widths and heights available upon request

Get to Know the Vail

  • One-piece, factory-welded trusses for strength and easy assembly
  • High-strength Tenzaloy Column caps and gutter saddles
  • Standard 6/12 roof pitch helps shed snow and reduces condensation inside the building
  • Optional Atrium Roof vent opens vertically to 85° to maximize passive ventilation. Patented Nex-Hood for partial roof opening.
  • Large walkable gutter for ease of installation of the chosen glazing
  • Unique in-house roof extrusion design with gasketing keeps leaks out and channels condensation out of the building.
  • High-strength, double-toothed steel rack arms offer stronger wind resistance than single-toothed aluminum used in other vents on the market.
  • Option to cover with metal decking and insulation
  • Optional high-clearance trusses
  • Optional powder-coated frame, flashings, and extrusions available

Product Gallery

Vail with side venting at Superior Outdoor Expressions
Superior Outdoor Expressions, MN
Overhead and sliding doors
Ebbert’s Greenhouse, WI
Vail greenhouse with shaded walkway
Shaded walkway
Vail Atrium retail greenhouse at Oakland Nurseries, OH
Oakland Nurseries, OH
Interior of Vail greenhouse looking up at trusses
Vail greenhouse at Ebert's Nursery in Wisconsin
Ebbert’s Greenhouse, WI
Denver Public Schools Vail greenhouses used for growing fresh produce to feed students.
Denver Public Schools, CO
Dual Atrium greenhouses installed over loading docks at Pleasant View Gardens, NJ
Pleasant View Gardens, NH

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