At Prospiant, we work to help ensure cannabis cultivators have the tools at their disposal needed to run an operation that is both efficient and successful. With Prospiant blackout curtains and shade cloth systems, you can ensure your greenhouse plants can thrive in an ideal environment regardless of the season.

We have many different greenhouse designs that are compatible with the Prospiant blackout curtains and shade cloth systems; our light-reducing curtains can also be installed in many different types of already existing greenhouse structures. With the help of our expert staff and sophisticated designs, you can ensure your operation is set up to thrive.

Create The Ideal Light Deprivation Greenhouse With Prospiant Curtains

The main draw to a fully automated blackout curtains for your greenhouse is that the lighting cycle becomes much more controllable.

While sunlight or grow lights are always necessary for plants to thrive, sometimes too much light can become a costly problem for cultivators to deal with. Blackout fabric for your greenhouse gives you the ability to utilize both natural daylight and darkness when needed. Blackout greenhouse systems also allow more control when it comes to temperature. Without fully automated blackout curtains, your greenhouse can quickly overheat in warmer months, and an overheated greenhouse can dramatically reduce the yield of your operation.

Advantages Of Prospiant Blackout Cloths

  • Blackout cloths allow cultivators like you much more flexibility in terms of managing plant growth and light cycles.
  • Cannabis plants in different cycles can be grown in the same greenhouse when light-minimizing cloths are used to effectively create “blackout spaces.”
  • You can use blackout cloths to block sunlight for a certain number of hours each day, changing the day length your cannabis plants experience.
  • Shade curtain cloths come in a range of shade percentages to best fit your operation’s needs.
  • The shade cloth can be pulled at night and used for heat retention, creating an attic space above the curtain, adding additional energy savings, and reducing heat loss.


These curtains allow cannabis growers to gain complete control of light levels and shade their plants when needed. These environmental controls improve crop quality and facilitate the growth of healthy plants. In a light deprivation greenhouse, plants have more of a successful yield. 

Commercial greenhouse structures can be an ideal environment for cannabis plants to thrive in. Some greenhouses use daylight control cloths and supplemental light such as grow lights to simulate indoor growing conditions, which can be more beneficial. With greenhouses, you can have non-stop crop cycles and establish a year-round operation.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Traditional yet modern
  • Ideal for retail or production
  • Choose from glass, polycarbonate or insulated panels
  • Spans up to 60 feet

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