Three Legacy Companies, One Powerhouse: United for Your Success

With the capabilities and expertise of three industry-leading greenhouse companies powering the Prospiant brand, we’re the largest North American provider of large-scale commercial greenhouses, cultivation structures, and growing equipment.

It’s time to rely on a turn-key provider you can count on every step of the way. We’re the only commercial greenhouse resource you need to succeed.

Manufacturing, Design, Engineering, Building — We Have the Whole Package!

We’re the only commercial greenhouse resource you will ever need.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of going to one source for all their greenhouse needs, and you can, too. 

  • Expert design and consultation services: Elevate your greenhouse project with our advisory and support services that cover everything from architectural design and engineering to budgeting, permits, and beyond.  
  • Premium greenhouse structures: Explore our diverse range of greenhouse structures. Whether you’re building a retail garden center, need a structure for mass production, want an indoor grow facility, or a produce greenhouse, we provide top-quality options to suit any requirement.  
  • Dependable North American manufacturing: With three U.S. locations, we offer reduced lead times, cost-effective delivery, and a streamlined supply chain to minimize disruptions. 
  • Unmatched engineering excellence: Our in-house team provides comprehensive engineering services, including structural and MEP. 
  • High-performance systems integration: We design, build, and recommend automated greenhouse systems (including OEM for heating systems) optimized to work together harmoniously for the highest level of control and efficiency.
Vail Atrium retail greenhouse at Oakland Nurseries, OH
Employee checking plants at Lucas Greenhouses

Your Way of Doing Things Gives You an Edge

We can help you capitalize on it. Our specialists in greenhouse engineering, installation, systems integration, maintenance, and construction enable organizations just like yours to succeed. From setting up your infrastructure to optimizing your irrigation system – let our greenhouse experts help you harness your unique way of doing things. Trust us, your customers will appreciate it.


Why Buy From Prospiant?

Depend on Our Expertise to Achieve Your Greenhouse Goals

You’re ready to innovate and unlock tremendous opportunities. Leverage our team’s decades of thorough market understanding and the broadest portfolio in the industry. Dream it, and our greenhouse experts can help you create complete greenhouse ecosystems that account for your unique business needs.

Our Company

When you partner with us, you leverage more than 150 years of combined business success, financial strength, and end-to-end agtech expertise from our heritage greenhouse companies.

Combining rich heritage, keen insights, and advanced technologies, we collaborate to design and build operations, maintain and optimize output, and champion your business amidst our industry’s most pressing challenges.

What We Do: Design, engineer, manufacture, and build greenhouses and indoor grow facilities

How We Do It: Expert partnership at every step

Why We Do It: To build stronger businesses, healthier lifestyles, and a sustainable future


Cannabis indoor grow with metal siding and greenhouse roof.
Produce greenhouses like Golden Acres use hydroponic systems to grow cucumbers.

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