Indoor Grow Pre-Engineered* Solution 

Indoor Grow

Our Indoor Grow structure removes all environmental factors and allows for 100% full control and precision management of environmental conditions, while still taking advantage of the Venlo structure design.

This pre-engineered* solution maintains an interior greenhouse structure with all the advantages of a warehouse indoor grow, while still offering capital cost-savings to customers.

Completely sealed indoor cannabis grow


  • A completely sealed cultivation facility essentially eliminates the chances of outside pests and contaminants entering the grow zone.
  • Full control of environmental parameters maximizes yields and plant genetics.
  • Allows a cultivator to have confidence that their setpoints are maintained and plant performance doesn’t vary, no matter the season.
  • Every system, from light intensity to temperature and humidity set points, mimics the controllability of an enclosed warehouse, allowing cultivators to consistently repeat their harvests of increased larger yields, regardless of climate and location.


  • Fully covered and fully sealed for complete environmental control and maintaining the best indoor environment for achieving maximum yields.
  • Heating, cooling, and dehumidification supplied mechanically, so outside air never enters the facility.
  • Fan coil units and air handlers engineered* specifically for cannabis cultivation.
  • 18-foot gutter height allows warm air to rise higher in the root zone, creating a more uniform temperature and humidity surrounding the plant canopy.
  • Insulated metal roof prohibits natural sunlight from entering the grow zone, allowing cultivators to have full control of lighting intensities without outside influences.
  • HVACD supplied mechanically to allow facility to operate efficiently independently, regardless of location or outside climate.
  • Liquid CO2 system maintains CO2 concentrations at maximum levels. While supplementing the CO2 concentrations, a cultivator often will also increase their light intensity, which is incorporated in the Indoor Grow structure. By supplying light to your plant fully by light fixtures, there will never be fluxes in what level intensity your plants are receiving.

Indoor Grow cannabis facility with insulated panels

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Pre-Engineered Solutions

Proven turn-key greenhouse and indoor grow designs ready-made for speed to market.

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Hydronic 4-Pipe HVACD System

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Indoor Grow Solutions

State-of-the-art HVAC, advanced water treatment and fertigation systems, cutting-edge environmental controls, versatile benching options – we have everything you need to build out your cannabis facility.

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