Hybrid Vail Pre-Engineered* Solution 

Hybrid Vail

The Hybrid Vail offers flexibility to meet a customer’s needs. Its traditional peak design is adaptable to different types of rigid roof coverings to optimize your growing environment. In low humidity climates, the Hybrid Vail offers cultivators an additional option to produce high-quality flower at attractive capital and operating cost levels.

Hybrid Vail facility for cultivating cannabis


  • Flexibility to meet the needs of different cultivation systems
  • Peak-style design allows for maximum snow shed and enhances interior condensate control
  • Roof design uses natural sunlight to reduce the amount of supplemental light needed, thus saving on capital and operational expenses.
  • Allows for year-round harvests (5 to 6 per year).
  • Structure engineered* to meet regional snow and wind load requirements


  • Pad and fan wall permit cooling and dehumidification of the climate inside the grow zone. With air exchanges designed for one per minute, this greenhouse style allows for maximum air movement, eliminating micro-climates.
  • Rigid roof coverings from corrugated or twin wall polycarbonate to glass are available.
  • One-piece factory welded trusses are the strongest on the market and make for quicker construction times.
  • Peak style design and 30-foot-wide spans
  • Supports additional equipment such as nighttime dehumidification and supplemental lighting fixtures, to support a grower in maintaining setpoints during peak times and seasons.
  • Shade and blackout systems to allow exact photoperiod and light intensity control.
  • Bug screens and air purification units can keep harmful pests and diseases at bay, while also mitigating the risk of powdery mildew and mold entering the facility.
  • Vertical and horizontal circulating fans maximize air circulation and balance temperature levels from floor to ceiling. Effective air movement can also help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Supplemental cooling and dehumidification draw air from the greenhouse and cool it down for better humidity control, helping to prevent issues such as bud rot and powdery mildew.
  • Odor mitigation keeps fragrant air contained, while still delivering precise environmental control and ample air movement.

Hybrid Vail cannabis facilities at Nexus PharmaCann
Finished Vali Hybrid cannabis greenhouse with glass sides

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