Create Versatile Growing Facilities for Unique Learning Experiences

If you’re building or renovating a greenhouse at your high school, university, or research institution, how do you provide versatile facilities to maximize learning?

Or, if you’re entrusted with a historic conservatory or public garden, how do you preserve your community’s legacy while creating enjoyable visitor experiences?

It’s time to demand thinking.

Updating and Enhancing Public Gardens

Botanical gardens and conservatories are community treasures. Public and private institutions continue to invest in the maintenance and restoration of their historic structures and improve the experience and enjoyment for the people who visit. Who can you call to gain access to all the design, build, maintenance, and restoration resources you need to:

  • Preserve landmark community facilities while expanding their capabilities to ensure their usefulness for years to come?
  • Lead the planning, construction, and commissioning of an institutional greenhouse project for your first time?
  • Eliminate the delays, cost overruns and safety issues that would otherwise keep you up at night?

Meeting Unique Needs for Schools, Universities and Research Institutions

Educators and researchers need modern greenhouses and equipment so they can advance the understanding of cultivation as well as plant genetics and cultivars to enhance our lifestyles and protect endangered species.

There are many different ways to create the ideal growing environment, visitor experience, or a flexible infrastructure to support educational and research ambitions.

Where do you start?

Introducing Prospiant

Say hello to the people who have succeeded at every aspect of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) — architectural design, installation, integration, operations, maintenance, expansion, and innovation — over and over again.

Our teams can help you select the method that best advances your unique growing agenda for educational, research, and institutional purposes.

Your Source for Complete Botanical Ecosystems

We are the leading controlled environment agriculture technology partner for educational, research, and institutional growers of flowers and other plants.

  • Leverage our broad experience across horticultural markets, operations and technologies to create the complete ecosystem, including greenhouse structures, benching, control systems, dehumidification, HVAC, irrigation, and lighting.
  • Access the expert insights you need to maximize production, distribution, and return on investment.
  • Create custom solutions that enable you to successfully launch, diversify, expand, and lead growing facilities and operations.
  • Provide your students, stakeholders and communities with differentiated experiences, increase their knowledge, and support them in their pursuit of healthy lifestyles.
Wide shot of the New York Botanical Garden

Rough Brothers was a real pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and creativity in solving any and all challenges led to a great outcome for the project.

Marc Donnelly NYBG – Capital Projects

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Your Way of Doing Things Gives You an Edge

Discover how to create the complete growing ecosystem for your high school, university, and research or community institution.

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Greenhouse Research Facility — The University of Nevada

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Access industrial-strength knowledge from Prospiant, the largest U.S. provider of complete ecosystems for schools, universities as well as research and community institutions.

As our partner, you can confidently create flexible facilities and preserve community treasures because you will benefit from the financial strength and end-to-end expertise built by our heritage companies during more than 185 years of combined business success.

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