Sliding Doors for Greenhouses

Sliding Greenhouse Doors

A greenhouse sliding door offers versatility and easy access for greenhouse entrances, particularly in retail settings and garden centers where they open and close automatically.

Compared to a hinged greenhouse door that swings inward or outward, sliding doors glide horizontally along a track.

They don’t provide as big of an obstruction to traffic flow as hinged doors, and they save valuable space in the greenhouse because they don’t require extra room for clearance.

When automated, sliding doors for greenhouses provide the benefit of hands-free convenience to both greenhouse workers and retail customers.

Greenhouse doors have the additional purpose of aiding with air circulation in the greenhouse when open. They’re available in two main types — single sliding and double sliding.

Doors that slide back on both sides of a greenhouse entrance not only prove a big help with natural ventilation and cooling, but also provide plenty of room for maneuvering carts and equipment through the doorway. 

Another use of sliding doors for a greenhouse is to work them in tandem and stack them behind each other to open a complete wall in a retail environment, giving you an open market look.

Purchasing a Sliding Door for a Greenhouse  

When you purchase sliding doors for a greenhouse, you have the option of choosing transparent materials such as glass or polycarbonate to allow natural sunlight to enter the greenhouse.

Aluminum sliding doors are also available for areas that don’t need as much natural light such as a head house, shipping area, or storage area.

Polycarbonate sliding greenhouse doors will typically be lighter weight, less prone to breakage, better insulators, and cheaper than sliding doors made of glass.

Glass doors, on the other hand, last longer (if not broken) than polycarbonate doors and offer high light transmission.

When choosing a sliding door, don’t forget about durability.

If you plan to use it in a retail environment, you want it sturdy and heavy enough for security and customer/worker safety, while tough enough to hold up to harsh weather, cart and customer mishaps, corrosion, and everyday wear and tear.

For strength and security, it’s hard to beat aluminum sliding doors. However, depending on the style you choose, you may lose the two-way visibility you would get with a transparent material.

Greenhouse with sliding door allows easy access through spacious opening for seamless crop transport

Benefits of Greenhouse Sliding Doors

  • Space-saving design with no need for swing clearance
  • Unobstructed access for easy entry and exit
  • Versatility for finishing in a variety of coverings
  • Convenient hands-free operation for workers and customers when automated
  • Allow for light transmission even when closed
  • Stack doors to open up an entire wall to create an open market atmosphere.

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