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You get the best of both worlds with a Dual Atrium — a protected greenhouse environment with convenient outdoor access for crop conditioning and steering. The Dual Atrium works well as a passive-cooled house with double the roof ventilation of the Vail Atrium. Unique roof vents open upward and outward for air removal and to prevent heat build-up for optimal air mixing without crop stress. Crack the vents during storms without fear of rain getting in the house. With ample light for crops, the Dual Atrium is a great choice for multi-tier production.

Goodmark Nursery, IL

Indoor Protection with Outdoor Benefits

  • Maximize Light: The 42′ wide-span two-peak truss design allows for superior light transmission and ventilation.
  • Manage Plant Growth: Create a near-outdoor environment for crop conditioning. Easily adjust climate and temperature for crop steering to reduce PGR use.
  •   Vent in Inclement Weather: Partially open roof for de-humidification with a rain guard and peak gutter that catch precipitation. Rapid roof closure in less than three minutes.

Strength for Peak Performance

  • Handles the Weather: Meets regional wind and snow load requirements.
  • Provides Stability in Wind: High-quality, heavier extrusions hold up to strong winds while the vents are open. Added strength at crucial stress points in windy conditions with double-tooth steel rack arm.
  • Operates in Winter Conditions: Roof vents hinge halfway up roof slope for ventilation even with snow or ice build-up in the valleys.
  • Lasts for Generations: Triple-galvanized U.S. square steel for strength and longevity. Aluminum extrusions and flashing for a long-lasting clean finish.

Adaptability at Its Core

  • Integrate Overhead Equipment: Exposed truss bottom cord, even with a flat shade system installed, allows for multiple types of overhead equipment (e.g., heaters, fin-tube, basket systems, irrigation, supplemental lighting, etc.)
  • Boost Curb Appeal: Great option for year-round passive retail ranges in more temperate climates. The Dual Atrium’s impressive dominating profile from a distance demands attention from street traffic.

Irrigation boom and hot water heating installed in Dual Atrium greenhouse.
Hot water heating and irrigation boom in Dual Atrium at Lucas Greenhouses
Dual Atrium flower greenhouses at Lucas Greenhouses, NJ
Lucas Greenhouses, NJ

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Dual Atrium

Discover the Dual Atrium, a great choice for multi-tier production

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CAD illustration of Dual Atrium greenhouse showing edge, double atrium, and swing out vents.

CAD Drawing shows edge vents (left), double atrium vents (right), and swing out vents (right).

Dual Atrium Specifications

  • Standard widths: 42′ spans
  • Bay Spacing: 10′, 12′
  • Standard gutter heights: 10′-16′
  • Roof vent opens vertically to 85°
  • Load ratings: 20 psf+
  • Non-standard heights and loads available upon request

Side ventilation option: The EDDG vent is a drop-down exterior guillotine vent that allows for the option of having a clear vent opening incremented to the desired dimension. You can cover the EDDG Vent with glass, or single or double-wall polycarbonate.


  • One-piece factory-welded trusses
  • High-strength Tenzaloy column caps and gutter saddles
  • Large walkable gutter for ease of installation of chosen glazing
  • Optional powder-coated frame, flashings, and extrusions available
  • High-strength, double-toothed steel rack arms offer stronger wind resistance
  • Atrium Roof vent opens vertically to 85° to maximize passive ventilation. Patented Nex-Hood for partial roof opening
  • Covering options: Polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass
  • Roof extrusion design with gasketing prevents leaks and channels condensation out of building

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