The Butterfly Estates Conservatory

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The Butterfly Estates Conservatory is located in the Downtown Ft. Myers River District in Ft. Myers, Florida. The aluminum and glass conservatory is home to hundreds of native butterflies, cascading waterfalls and lush tropical nectar plants.

The Scope of Work Included

  • Conservatory design, engineering*, fabrication and construction of a new aluminum structure and glass and aluminum glazing system
  • Environmental controls
  • Air circulation equipment
  • Sidewall and roof venting systems
  • High pressure fog/humidification system
  • Automatic shading system

Conservatory Facts

The Butterfly Estates conservatory covers approximately 4,300 square feet with a 24’ ridge elevation. This eco-friendly attraction is the first of its kind in the Downtown Fort Myers River District and brings the diversity of Southwest Florida’s sub-tropical environment to this urban setting.

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