A conservatory is a beautiful addition to a commercial building. Glass walls and conservatory roof panels invite sunlight to fill the space, supporting plant growth and creating a vivid indoor environment perfect for wedding halls, hotels, universities, and more.

If you’re interested in adding a conservatory to your property, Prospiant has the solution for you.

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Our Classic Conservatories

Prospiant has the expertise and experience to build the conservatory you’ve been dreaming of. From concept to construction and beyond, we’re dedicated to supporting our partners through every step of the conservatory building process. When you work with us, you’ll get the architectural aesthetics you want and all the technology you need to keep your conservatory operating at its best.

Classic, Timeless and Stylish

Since at least the 17th century, conservatories have served as both a way to protect plants and to excite guests. A well-made conservatory can transport visitors to another climate when cold temperatures creep in. It protects plants from snow and storm damage year round while providing a tranquil space to entertain or relax. A conservatory is a symbol of prestige and prosperity that will distinguish any private property or business space. 

Some styles of classic conservatories include:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Botanical

Our Conservatory Range

We offer a wide range of conservatory possibilities. Prospiant specializes in custom construction, and we have plenty of options for those interested in adding a glass conservatory to their property.

Our talented team has built custom glazed structures for a broad variety of applications. We’ve created new conservatories for gardens, butterfly sanctuaries, and many other custom spaces built to client specifications. Whether you’re looking for a p-shape, t-shape, or any other conservatory style, we’ll collaborate with you to make it a reality.

From glass canopies and skylights to a complete glass enclosure for your conservatory, Prospiant will provide you with the precision engineering and expert construction you need.

Benefits of a Classic Conservatory

Classic conservatories have several unique benefits


The addition of a conservatory adds more floor space to your property. Guests and visitors can hobnob in a unique indoor environment that’s sure to leave an impression.


Abundant natural light will not only grow healthy plants but can also help to reduce heating and energy costs. Plus, a light-filled room can be highly inviting to guests.


A custom conservatory can boost property value and make the property more appealing to potential clients, guests, or anyone else who might visit.

Our Classic Conservatories Are Made of the Following Materials:

  • Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, or Wood Frame
  • Glass or Polycarbonate Panels
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Solar Panels

Why Choose Our Classic Conservatory?

If you need a technology-backed conservatory that will stand the test of time, trust Prospiant. We’ll guide you through every stage of your project, ensuring that your conservatory meets and exceeds your expectations. We even offer quality repair service, restoration and replacement, and preventive maintenance to keep your conservatory at its best.

You’ll get a collaborative design-build partner dedicated to your unique needs and all the support you need for continued conservatory success.


A conservatory takes its name from glazed structures used to protect, or conserve, plants in colder climates. Linguistically, the word comes from Italian and Latin roots meaning “a place for storage/preservation”.

Benefits of a Classic Conservatory

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