Commercial Greenhouse Equipment

Prospiant has all the best greenhouse equipment you will need for wherever and whatever you are growing. We are the largest provider of commercial greenhouses, cultivation structures, and growing equipment in the contiguous United States. 

Greenhouse Coverings

Greenhouse covering is material that covers the greenhouse frame. The most common greenhouse film is polycarbonate and polyethylene film. This film can have ultraviolet (UV) protection, diffuse light, reduce shadows, and act as insulation. Greenhouse coverings also include shading cloths, insect netting, and environment specific coverings such as frost protection. These coverings can often be installed easily in a conventional greenhouse by the grower themselves.

Greenhouse Lighting

Supplemental lighting can be installed to mimic natural sunlight. Types of lighting that we install include: 

  • High-pressure sodium (HPS) Lighting: High Intensity Discharge light fixtures have HPS or metal halide (MH) lamps that project either red or blue light
  • LED Lighting: LED lights produce less heat and can be good for greenhouses with tiered growing systems 
  • Light Deprivation: With black-out curtain walls and shade cloths overhead you are able to simulate nighttime for plants that requires a photoperiod for growth such as cannabis

Greenhouse Heaters

Our overhead unit greenhouse heaters provide your facility with the air circulation needed and produce the required BTUs. A hydronic heating system can be installed overhead or into the floor through piping. This hydronic heat circulates through the entire zone, cutting down on uneven heating.

Greenhouse Fans

In a Conventional greenhouse exhaust fans can pull outside air through screens into your greenhouse at over one air exchange per minute. A Semi-Sealed greenhouse has supplemental dehumidification. Then for a Sealed greenhouse the conditioned air from an HVAC system is recirculated and can be tempered to desired temperature and humidity levels as opposed to using outside air.

Greenhouse Thermometers

Create the perfect growing environment by surveying conditions in your facility with greenhouse thermometers and humidity monitors. The use of these will monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse structure. This is beneficial so that you can use environmental systems to alter the temperature or humidity to the exact levels you want/need to grow your plants at. 


For larger greenhouses such as a commercial greenhouse that will be used for growing a lot of products a specific way and year round will require more equipment with better technology. More advanced environmental controls, heating and cooling, lighting, irrigation, and shading systems will yield you the most product or keep the plants in your commercial facility thriving.

Technology that is used in greenhouses now include automated watering systems, sensors to relay measurements, supplemental lighting, heating and cooling systems, and more. New technologies are making greenhouses more efficient and giving growers the opportunity to grow year round.

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