Cannabis Greenhouses

When creating a stable and controlled environment for growing the cannabis crop, cannabis greenhouse structures can be invaluable. Not only do these greenhouse setups allow growers to control environmental conditions, but they can help stabilize product growth and keep profit consistent in the marijuana industry that’s constantly changing.

At Prospiant, our expert team is committed to finding cutting-edge, customized solutions to grow cannabis in greenhouses. We want to help you realize your full cannabis production potential and reach it through energy-efficient technology.

The Industry’s Finest Greenhouses for Growing Cannabis

If you are new to the cannabis industry or the indoor growing method, it helps to understand precisely how greenhouse cultivation works. Indoor growing is a method that offers protection from the outdoors and local climate by controlling internal conditions. Indoor growing can cultivate cannabis year-round with 4-6 harvests per year, whereas outdoor growing can usually only yield 1-2 harvests per year.

Greenhouses are one of several indoor cannabis growing systems that utilize natural light in tandem with a cooling system and other technologies. You can think of a marijuana greenhouse as a combination of natural and manufactured tools working together to produce a healthy crop. At Prospiant, we understand how to use these two elements to create a growing environment conducive to success and year-round cultivation.

Sustainable & Cost-Effective Greenhouses for Cultivating Cannabis

Ultimately, the proper indoor growth method for your business will depend on your goals, operation, budget, and other factors. It may also depend on your local growing environment and state regulations. But if you decide that a marijuana greenhouse is right for you, there are a few distinctive greenhouse styles to keep in mind.

The Hybrid Greenhouse

A hybrid greenhouse delivers the control of an indoor warehouse but has the efficiency of a traditional greenhouse. The design allows for full sunlight exposure that can be limited or taken away using light deprivation screens. The exteriors of this greenhouse are made from insulated metal panels to protect against light and intruders. And the interior of this facility is broken into separate zones for growing marijuana plants connected by a central corridor. 

Hybrid greenhouses can be built to handle extreme weather conditions while still fostering and protecting the growing cannabis plants. This simple walk-in greenhouse can be an efficient system for all kinds of cannabis growers.

The Sealed Greenhouse

A sealed greenhouse gives growers complete control over the environment. This greenhouse doesn’t dehumidify or cool using outside air. Instead, it utilizes air handling units that minimize air exchange. This method allows carbon dioxide levels to remain elevated and collects all transpired water from an HVAC system where it can condensate. Ultimately, this means that no outside contaminants ever enter the greenhouse.

This system uses both natural light and supplemental lighting to bring a higher product yield for marijuana growers. By handling these environmental controls, this sealed cannabis greenhouse can become a cost-efficient growing method that doesn’t rely on a single growing season. The carbon dioxide enrichment system helps boost yield without requiring increased light intensity and dehumidification.

The Prospiant Cannabis Greenhouse Advantages

So why choose Prospiant as your expert in greenhouse cannabis building and implementation? Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Experience – Prospiant has completed more than 200 cannabis group projects and has more than 500 cannabis designs and projects submitted for permitting. Our customers can count on our cannabis-growing expertise to deliver next-level results.
  • Leadership – Our team leaders bring extensive experience in produce, cannabis, and commercial agribusiness. Together, this team works to lead commercial growers forward to realize their full potential.
  • Commitment – Prospiant believes in a brighter, greener future, and we know only a committed team can make that possible. We have 40+ OHSA-certified project managers on staff, in addition to 30+ engineers and 16 electrical and mechanical systems engineers. We believe in teamwork and collaboration that works toward a common goal.


The right location for a greenhouse depends on the state you live in, rules and regulations in your area, and other environmental factors. As a general rule, you want to look for a relatively quiet and private spot. Also, consider your climate. If you’re in a colder region, look for a space with plenty of natural sunlight for your cannabis crop. If you’re in a hotter climate, look for places with tree growth that can provide some shade to your plants.

Ultimately, the best location for your greenhouse is one where your crops will be able to thrive and will be protected.

The size of your cannabis will depend on how many plants you have, the strain, farming style, and environmental conditions they’re grown in.

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