The Clear Sky

Commercial Greenhouse

The Clear Sky greenhouse delivers total growing flexibility with the patented Nex-Hood which allows the roof to partially open during inclement weather and for de-humidification.

Outstanding Growing Conditions:

  • The roof vent vertically opens to 85 degrees.
  • With individual motors you have zone opening ability allowing you total flexibility in cooling and venting.
  • Fewer obstructions than other full open roof style structures leading to higher light levels.
  • Total versatility for all crops at all stages.
  • You will get outdoor environment when the roofs are open and have the advantage over outdoor growing when you can also close the roof and protect your crops.
  • As a garden center you will give your customers the feeling of roaming through an outdoor garden on beautiful days and still provide a shopping area during inclement weather.
  • The roof can close in less than three minutes. 

Venting in Inclement Weather:

  • The patented Nex-Hood allows you partial roof opening in inclement weather.
  • Able to open vent with snow in the valley.


  • The double tooth steel racks give you added strength at crucial stress points in windy conditions, and longer life than aluminum racks.
  • The unique in-house roof extrusion design gives you the needed strength and heavier extrusions for North American conditions.  Competitive European designs do not meet U.S. snow and wind loads.
  • The Clear Sky trusses are a flat ladder bar truss with smaller peaked frames for the vent openings. 
  • Our in-house licensed engineering staff has designed a structure whose quality is consistent with all Prospiant structures and is compatible with all Prospiant style structures.

Save Money and Maintenance:

  • Growers using the Clear Sky have experienced reduced need for chemical and growth regulators.
  • Growers have reduced operating costs by minimizing the need for use of cooling equipment.


  • Brings the outside to your plants
  • The unique patented Nex-Hood allows the roof to partially open during inclement weather
  • Offers a cost-effective energy-efficient growing environment.
  • One-piece factory welded trusses
  • Standard sizes – widths: 21′, 31’6″, and 42′ Other sizes available on request.
  • Superior rubber gasketing system.

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Standard Dimensions:

  • Width: 21′, 31′-6″, 42′
  • Bay Spacing: 10′, 12′
  • Gutter Height: 12′-16′
  • High-clearance trusses are available for added interior clearance
  • Unique high-strength column caps and gutter saddles
  • Aluminum flashings and extrusions
  • One-piece factory welded trusses
  • High Strength Tenzaloy column caps and gutter saddles
  • Standard sizes – widths: 21′, 31’6″, and 42′ Other sizes available on request.
  • Superior rubber gasketing system.
  • Optional rubber seal minimizes ice build-up at the hinge point.

Optional painted frame is available

  • Hardier plant material since you can harden off crops in full outdoor conditions with roof opening to 85 degrees.
  • Provides protection of a closed in greenhouse when needed.
  • Total growing flexibility with the patented Nex-Hood which allows the roof to partially open during inclement weather and for dehumidification.
  • Less chance of crop loss in case of sudden inclement weather since the roof closes in less than 3 minutes. Also, each roof has its own independent motor.
  • Exclusive one-piece cap and saddle means fewer parts and your greenhouse goes together faster and with uniformity. This may result in less building costs.
  • Money saving design since trusses are factory welded using galvanized Nex-Steel to offer consistency in dimension and ease of site construction.
  • Reduces many government re-entry requirements meaning faster harvesting, packing, and shipping.
  • Growers have experienced reduced need for chemicals and · growth regulators.
  • Reduces capital and operating costs by eliminating cooling · equipment.
  • Reduces electrical installation costs.
  • Requires smaller generators resulting in cost savings.
  • Heavy duty double-tooth steel rack and pinions provide increased strength in windy conditions and longer life than aluminum racks
  • Quality design and engineering means that the Clear Sky is constructed to meet regional snow and wind load requirements.
  • Easy to expand existing range of Prospiant structures since it gutter connects to all other style Prospiant greenhouses.
  • Covering flexibility of double poly, polycarbonate or glass depending upon your crop needs.
  • Unwanted moisture is caught and drained away in the internal extrusion eliminating irregular drip on your crop.

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