The Fleet®

High Output Co2 Extraction

If you’re thinking of extracting cannabinoids from hemp or cannabis at a larger scale, Apeks The Fleet® high-output, large-volume CO2 extraction system is your ideal machine of choice.

The Fleet® layouts allow for flexible extraction, including fractionation, maintaining the ability to do strain specific runs, on a large platform.

How does the Fleet® work?

Up to three systems use a single chiller that is installed outside. This means you won’t need an expensive air conditioning unit because all the heat generated can simply diffuse into the open air! Inside the building, you have temperature control units that control each system. Pipes fed through the wall mean you can start with a single system and then expand as needed. Daisy chaining systems means you can process large amounts, all with only one chiller. 

One chiller to rule them all!

A single chiller is designed for outdoor use (like an A/C unit) and means lower maintenance costs. An external chiller also helps with Good Manufacturing Processes, which is important when it comes to licensing. The external chiller can process up to three times of our high output systems – The Duplex® or The Force®, effectively tripling your output. 

It’s all about scale.

The Fleet® looks to the future and allow you to scale up. You can purchase a single system, and have your facility set up to allow for future growth. When you’re ready, simply add to the chain and expand your business intelligently. Also, you don’t need to expand in the same place! If you have a facility with several rooms, as long as the pipes are installed around the building, through all the rooms, you can set up each system in its own room.

How much can I process?

You can process up to 540 pounds per day and our flow rate is 18.6kg/minute.


• Designed for large-scale production operations
• Closed-loop system recovers 95% of the CO2
• Process approx. 540 pounds of dried, ground cannabis in a 24-hour period.
• Flow rate of 18.6kg/minute
• Optimized for supercritical extraction but flexible, offering both higher and lower pressure subcritical parameters.

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