Apeks The Force®

High Output CO2 Extraction

Apeks The Force® CO2 extraction system can process 140-200 pounds of dried cannabis or hemp biomass per day. Optimized for supercritical extraction, which means high pressure/high temperature extractions, the machine can also process subcritically (low pressure/low temperature), which preserves terpenes and means less post-processing. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Our most versatile and highest-yielding systems with the shortest extraction times, The Force® systems efficiently extract botanical oils without thermal degradation at industry-leading processing rates. These systems provide high production with a wide range of processing options for supercritical and subcritical extractions.

Designed for a variety of extraction purposes, particularly high-volume production. The systems can process up to 200 pounds of decarboxylated cannabis per day! Uses 3-phase 208v, 230v, 460v.

Apeks The Force


  • Processes approx. 140-200 pounds of dried, ground cannabis in a 24-hour period.
  • Designed for large-scale production operations.
  • Optimized for supercritical extraction but flexible, offering both higher and lower pressure subcritical parameters.
  • Fully automated and energy-efficient.
  • Closed loop system recovers 95% of the CO2.
  • Faster extractions and cold separation processing w/Diaphragm

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