If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your commercial space, you want experts in your corner who can drive the project to completion. Due to the use of glass materials, constructing a conservatory requires sharp attention to detail and experienced guidance. Adding a conservatory to your commercial property can increase the value, utilize natural sunlight, and open up new space. So, if you invest in this project, you want to find a team you can trust to create a space you’ll love.

At Prospiant, we have a history of successful conservatory design, engineering, fabrication, and construction. Our projects span in scale and purpose, but we are always committed to giving our clients just what they need. From the initial planning through the final exquisite details, you can count on us as your reliable conservatory contractor.

Create Your Dream Leisure Space With Our Conservatory Builder

Prospiant’s conservatory contractors can help take your project from beginning to end. Our team can help with design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction in a number of specialty areas. Our projects range from custom conservatories to glazed car wash buildings. 

Not only do we want to achieve a one-of-a-kind look, but Prospiant can also help with maximizing the functionality of your conservatory space. For example, we can create an all-season environment for hotels, schools, and resort pools to maximize use in the colder months. We can also use innovative systems like solar innovations and glazed glass to help control the environment. Not only can you have your dream space, but you can also utilize it to its full potential.

Commercial Conservatories

Depending on your space, goals, and budget, you may prefer a particular style of commercial conservatory over another. You may also choose to work with Prospiant to customize your space entirely. Whatever direction you choose, it helps to know some of the most common types of commercial conservatories.
Victorian Conservatory – A Victorian conservatory is a traditional-style build that originates in Britain in the 1800s. This classical architecture features crests and spikes to add sharp shapes to the final product. Victorian conservatories feature a rounded front that creates a bay window effect, maximizing the views around the structure. This style can be used in commercial applications at venues, restaurants, event centers, and more.

Edwardian Conservatory – An Edwardian conservatory shares some style elements with the Victorian build, but the structure is square or rectangular. This style is also usually less ornate and is focused on maximizing space. The Edwardian conservatory can be an excellent addition to a venue, wedding hall, or commercial building.

Botanical Conservatory – A botanical conservatory can be used for growing plants, but it can also be used to maximize natural light and open up a space. This building style features a curved roof that helps invite more sunlight into the area. Often, a botanical conservatory is a great addition to a wedding venue or rehearsal hall.

Advantages of Conservatories

There are many reasons why adding a conservatory to your commercial space is a good idea. If you’re unsure if a conservatory is right for you or if you’ll use it year-round, explore some of the benefits of this glass structure:

Use Natural Light – Due to their design, conservatories can flood spaces with natural light. Even if you use tile instead of a glass roof, you’ll still benefit from the rest of the glass structure. In a commercial space, having this light can help reduce energy costs, make guests feel more welcome, and create a new look in a room.

 Options for Customization – There are many styles of commercial conservatories to choose from, but if you aren’t satisfied with these, you can always choose customize conservatories. When you work with the conservatory craftsmen at Prospiant, we can help you drive your vision from beginning to end and allow you to customize the details.

Create More Room – If you add a conservatory structure to your existing space, you also add more open floor space and room for guests. And, because conservatory windows create a unique look in the room, you’re investing in a long-term structure that guests can’t find anywhere else. 

Increase Property Value – A conservatory is a great way to increase the value of your property. Whether you’re looking to add to a pool area, enhance a dining space, or expand a venue, this structure is a great way to make your property stand out.

Why Hire Our Conservatory Contractors?

At Prospiant, our conservatory contractors can be your guide for planning and executing your project. Our team includes agribusiness experts, engineers, true artisans, and commercial structures designers who can work together to create a structure you’ll love. We even offer the chance to customize conservatory construction to allow our clients to visualize their commercial space in a way that’s unique to them.

From custom glass canopies to class pool enclosures, count on our conservatory contractors to make your idea a reality and leave you completely satisfied.


If the doors on your conservatory are damaged or falling apart, you should be able to find new doors. This should be true even if you have a custom conservatory. You can work with a conservatory contractor if you need help with installation.

A conservatory with a roof is called a tiled-roof conservatory.

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