The cannabis industry is booming. With 37 US states regulating cannabis products for medical use and 19 states offering fully legal recreational cannabis, combined sales are expected to reach $33 billion by 2022.1 

There’s never been a better time to break into the industry, but the road to opening a cannabis facility can be treacherous without the right partner. Besides the many legal and regulatory hurdles to clear, there’s the challenge of constructing a quality cannabis facility.

Setting the Benchmark for a Cannabis Facility Design-Build

At Prospiant, we help you create a complete cannabis ecosystem. Regardless of the size of your cannabis business or the expertise of your team, we can design and build a custom cannabis facility that delivers the results you need to grow cannabis.

We give our partners the competitive edge they need to succeed in the burgeoning cannabis market. From architectural design to general contracting and HVAC, your partners at Prospiant will support you through every step of the cannabis construction process. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building from scratch, you’ll get unmatched support and expertise through construction and beyond.

Our team has years of design and construction experience in the cannabis industry. We know the right structures, materials, and equipment to achieve sustained growing and cultivation success. With cannabis facilities specifically engineered for your unique business, our partners can grow with reduced costs, less water, and fewer harsh chemicals.

Facility Types

There are three main types of facilities in the cannabis industry: cultivation, vertically integrated, and dispensaries. Prospiant handles 2 of the 3 types of facilities and each type of cannabis facility comes with its own design and engineering features and unique challenges to operate.

Cultivation (Greenhouses/Indoor Grow)

Cultivation facilities are used to farm cannabis plants. These cannabis facilities have strict requirements for airflow, temperature, and humidity control in order to grow the best product.

Additionally, an HVAC system is usually needed to mitigate the spread of dust and strong odors in a cultivation center, especially in commercial areas. 

Ensuring predictable, consistent growth is the ultimate goal of a growth and cultivation facility.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically integrated facilities have cultivation, and extraction facilities as well as a dispensary.

There are many safety considerations that must be taken into account when constructing an extraction room or facility. Depending on the type of extraction method, certain safety measures should be taken into consideration. If using CO2, proper ventilation is needed. If using butane or ethanol, a C1D2 room is required. This type of room can be costly but is required for safety reasons.

We Will Manage Your Project From Start to Finish

At Prospiant, we’re committed to delivering the best cannabis cultivation facilities to our partners. 

You need a growing solution that’s as unique as your business along with the support you need to ensure project success. That’s why from start to finish, we’ll manage every aspect of your project. 

We’ll take care of all the important elements, from permitting and licenses to construction services and equipment installation. Our team will oversee the lifecycle of your product, provide necessary technical support, and help you stay ahead of the latest market trends, regulations, technologies, and processes. 

With over 30 architectural, structural, and environmental engineers, 40 OSHA 10/30 certified project managers, and 16 electrical and mechanical system engineers on staff, you can count on us to deliver expert service at every stage of your cannabis construction project.

An Enhanced Experience in Cannabis Cultivation

To avoid costly mistakes and succeed in the business of cannabis, you need a real, proven expert on your side. 

When you partner with Prospiant, you’ll get the expert insights you need to capture growth opportunities and the support of in-house specialists with deep knowledge of the cannabis industry. Your cannabis facility will be built according to specifications and on an agile timeline that works for you.

We’ll also integrate software and hardware systems to monitor and control your growing facility. From managing air quality and climate to security monitoring, we’ll provide you with the tools you need and the guidance to operate them properly.

And we’re happy to provide ongoing operational support for products, services, and equipment. Whether you need help securing aftermarket parts or need emergency repair services, we’ll be there.

Facility Design & Layout

A thoughtfully designed layout makes a huge difference in the way your cannabis facility operates. Designing to accommodate the right number of plants per square foot, plant height, lighting needs, workspace, irrigation requirements – a lot goes into planning an efficient commercial cannabis cultivation!

When you choose Prospiant, we’ll coordinate designers, contractors, and vendors to make sure that your cannabis facility is designed with the optimal layout for maximum productivity. We’ll expedite the zoning and permitting process with our experienced contractors and seamlessly integrate climate control and facility systems to the layout of your facility.

The Prospiant Advantage

When you need to set up, get growing, prove profitability, and scale fast, Prospiant is your trusted partner. We specialize in designing and building controlled environment agriculture greenhouses and indoor grow systems for businesses of all sizes in the cannabis industry.

Our team of cultivation experts will work with you to create a custom cannabis growth and cultivation solution for your unique operations. We’re committed to working alongside you every step of the way, from plant to product.


Many factors will determine how much capital is needed to start a cannabis grow operation, including permits, taxes, real estate, employees, and equipment. In general, it costs at least $250,000 to start a quality growing operation.


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