Maximizing Your Cannabis Greenhouse Yield

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If you grow cannabis in a greenhouse or are considering using this structure, you want to ensure you get the most out of it. Greenhouses are a great way to reap the benefits of the environment while still having a level of control over growing conditions. 

As a grower in the cannabis business, there are ways you can work to maximize your crop yield. If you’re wondering about some of the key steps you need to take for successful growth, we’ve got you covered. 

Key Factors in Maximizing Cannabis Yield

Growing cannabis is a multifaceted process that combines elements of the natural world, technology, and collaboration across professions. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your cannabis greenhouse yield, here are some of the main factors to consider:


The success of your cannabis yield starts with the crops you grow. Some strains of cannabis are known to be lower yields than others, and this won’t change just because you invest in the right equipment or ventilation systems. Certain cannabis plants simply aren’t meant to yield an extremely high growth.

Research the strains of cannabis you work with so you can better understand their genetics and what to expect when you grow them. Researching is a great way to prepare for a successful growing season and become acquainted with various cannabis strains. 


Choosing the right location for your cannabis greenhouse is essential to successful growing. The site for your greenhouse determines the environmental conditions you’ll need to control, the light levels your plants will get, and the type of structure your greenhouse should be.

If you’re in a colder climate, you’ll want to choose an area with enough natural sunlight for your crop that you can then enhance and maximize through technology. If you’re in a warm or humid climate, you’ll want to find shade for your greenhouse during the warmer months. The local climate surrounding your structure is an important part of determining the overall success of your crops. Make sure you intentionally choose the location for your greenhouse and work to understand what environmental controls you’ll need to engineer. This will help keep your plants healthy and contribute to a maximum yield.

Temperature and Humidity

Managing the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse is one of your main jobs as a grower. This also means it’s critical to achieve a maximum yield. To grow cannabis, the temperature will need to be kept between 60-77℉. This regulation will require cooling and heating systems that keep airflow healthy and consistent. If the temperature dips too high or low, it can stunt plant growth or diminish the final product. 

If the temperature is higher, the air will hold more moisture, and the humidity will be higher. Cannabis plants require different greenhouse humidity levels depending on what stage of life they are in (blooming, mature, etc.), so growers will need to adjust these levels throughout the season. To control humidity, a cannabis greenhouse can use an HVAC system and/or other dehumidification technology that adjusts internal conditions.

Both temperature and humidity are essential to the final crop yield. Understand what your cannabis needs at different stages of its life, and adjust the internal conditions accordingly to help maximize yield when you grow cannabis indoors.


The amount of light your cannabis plants receive determines when they will enter the flowering stage. When cannabis plants are young, they will require 17-18 hours of light each day to grow leaves and stems. As they age, this number decreases to around 12 hours a day. 

As a greenhouse operator, you’ll need to provide this level of light no matter what. This will require a combination of natural and artificial light that works together to keep the plants healthy. Artificial light sources, like LEDs and HID lights, can attach to the roof of your greenhouse and can be adjusted as needed to provide less or more light.


To maximize your cannabis yield, you’ll need to account for the infrastructure production costs. This includes the cost to power the facility, run the irrigation system, run the HVAC system, and power any dehumidification equipment. As you plan for a maximum crop yield, estimate the average cost of running the greenhouse infrastructure. This estimation can help you budget and can also help you identify any gaps in your production system. Our in-house experts can help with this. 

The cost to run and manage greenhouse infrastructure depends on the size and scale of your operations. It also can change depending on your irrigation system, the type of lighting you use, and how much automated equipment is utilized in your facility. Understanding your infrastructure costs and budgeting for improvements is an essential step in working toward a maximum cannabis yield.

Skilled Labor and Automation

A successful indoor grow isn’t possible without a trusted and skilled team. If you are in the commercial cannabis production business, you must assemble a qualified expert team to help maximize growth. Find skilled cannabis growers who know how to care for and treat plants. You will also need the help of engineers* to assemble your greenhouse and address any construction or quality control issues.

In addition to having a skilled team, growers should also look to the field of cannabis cultivation technology for additional help. This technology includes automated systems for lighting, irrigation, HVAC, and more. There are also automated systems that help with employee training, facility maintenance, and controls that can simplify your operations. Automated technology frees up time and resources so your team can focus on nurturing a greenhouse that yields the highest growth potential.

Look to skilled laborers in your field and modern technology to help with your greenhouse operation. If you utilize all the resources available, you can give your crops what they need to thrive season after season.


Greenhouses can be a great, affordable way to grow cannabis. These structures combine the natural elements with modern technology to create ideal conditions for the cannabis crop.

You can control sunlight in a greenhouse by using shades in your facility that block out natural light when necessary. If you need supplemental light in your facility, you can use LED lights, HID lights, and other types of technology.

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