Made-to-Order Irrigation, Fertigation, and Water Treatment

Our engineers design our greenhouse irrigation systems and indoor grow irrigation and fertigation systems specifically for the cannabis plant and your unique cultivation needs.

Our internal engineering teams keeps up with the latest innovations to offer you the most effective water treatment technologies available.

Do you plan to irrigate an entire 30,000 square foot grow room or pulse irrigate a single column of plants? We have you covered.

Looking to incorporate independent batch tanks for each strain or fertigate several strains with similar compositions? No problem.

Whatever your growing needs, the Prospiant team has the experience to design the most efficient greenhouse irrigation systems and indoor irrigation/fertigation systems possible for cannabis cultivation.

Bench irrigation line scaled for vegetative cannabis


  • Trouble-shoot with Ease: Confidently experiment with fertilizer recipes and nutrients to troubleshoot issues with less difficulty.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: We design our pre-treatment processes with the most efficient technologies to save you operational expenses and headaches down the line.
  • Fine-tune for precision: We fine-tune your pre-injection system for consistency and longevity to match your water source or recirculation system.
  • Integration with environmental controls: Integration between water management systems and environmental controls provides you with hard data and tracking capabilities for all significant fertigation metrics — pH, EC, ORP, DO, and more
  • In-coming Water Feed: Regardless of your water source, our team engineers your fully customized system to deliver fertigated water with the perfect composition.
  • Reduce Expenses: Capturing and recirculating condensate and leachate lowers your monthly water and nutrient expenses.
  • Lower Your OPEX: We have experience with a wide array of technologies ranging from UV to Ozone to Reverse Osmosis for recirculation applications. We routinely incorporate these new technologies into our designs to optimize your OPEX and help you create a sustainable business for the future.

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Hydronic 4-Pipe HVACD System

This proprietary system provides unparalleled environmental control and energy efficiency
for high-grade cannabis cultivation in sealed greenhouses and indoor grow environments.

Pre-Engineered Solutions

Proven, turn-key greenhouse and indoor solutions ready-made for speed to market.


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