Institutional greenhouses can provide many benefits to a wide variety of organizations. Typically, the primary function of a greenhouse is growing plants, but institutional greenhouses can also serve other purposes. Institutional greenhouses can promote scientific research, educational experiences, and stress relief.

Institutional & Educational Greenhouses

When you choose Prospiant for your institutional greenhouse needs, you can rest assured knowing that our expert construction team can design a space that complies with ADA restrictions, local zoning, and more. Our institutional greenhouses can be designed with separate zones within the same structure. Each zone can be equipped with individual environmental control systems like heating and cooling systems. These different spaces can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Suppose an institutional greenhouse is built by our construction team with four different zones inside of it. Each zone could be devoted to a different purpose, for example:

  • Hydroponic Cultivation Zones
  • Propagation Zones
  • High Humidity/Temperature Zones 
  • Low Humidity/Temperature Zones 
  • Exotic Plant Zones
  • And More!

Institutional Greenhouse Applications

The applications for institutional greenhouses are endless, but some of the most popular uses for these glass spaces include: 

Institutional Greenhouses For Schools

Students can utilize institutional greenhouses at all levels of education. From pre-school to high school, centers for learning can design greenhouses to meet the specific needs of their students. We can lower greenhouse bench heights for younger students to suit their needs better. Institutional greenhouses for younger children can also be designed with access to ground soil so that students can grow plants directly from the ground.

As expected with high school greenhouses, the greenhouse systems devoted to research and education often become more advanced. Also, greenhouses that are used by high school students can be constructed to be larger to accommodate more extensive cultivation operations and bigger class sizes.

Institutional Greenhouses For Research Purposes/Colleges And Universities

Greenhouse facilities at the college level are typically used for staff research purposes and student research projects. In some cases, greenhouses can benefit architecture students as they learn about aluminum frames and majority-glass structures. Another benefit of a greenhouse in a college setting is that if open to the public, the space can provide a stress-reducing environment for students and staff.

Institutional Greenhouses For Penitentiaries And Rehabilitation Centers

Penitentiaries and rehabilitation facilities utilize greenhouses for a variety of reasons. Gardening and growing plants can increase self-sufficiency in people serving time and can also decrease feelings of stress and sadness. While greenhouses are not always a staple of these facilities, they are only continuing to increase in popularity due to their benefits. Another reason greenhouses are sometimes found in penitentiaries and rehabilitation facilities is that they support freshly grown produce, which they can then use for resident meals.  

Institutional Greenhouse Design

At Prospiant, we understand that the initial design phase of your institutional greenhouse or indoor grow project may seem overwhelming. With so many varied aspects to consider, and all of them critical to decide on before any construction work begins, our experts guide you through the process at every stage. 

Our design and architecture consultants collaborate with you and share their in-depth knowledge and long-term experience to design a growing facility to meet your budget, unique climate, and individual specifications.

Amongst our varied capabilities within the delivery of institutional greenhouse projects, we include all design and architecture services, including:

  • Initial Site Development And Permitting
  • Greenhouse Design And Planning
  • Architectural Design And Engineering
  • Project Budgeting

Our design capabilities include conceptual drawings, architectural renderings, contract drawings, and engineering specifications. Renderings will give you a 3-D snapshot of what your custom-built greenhouse project will look like. Design support also includes cost estimating, value engineering, and construction scheduling. 


Growing plants and produce in a greenhouse can be one of the more environmentally friendly cultivation options available. With greenhouse growing, you can produce high yields with a relatively small amount of space. 


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Traditional yet modern
  • Ideal for retail or production
  • Choose from glass, polycarbonate or insulated panels
  • Spans up to 60 feet

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